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West Coast Swing CT September 2015 - Still Growing

West Coast Swing in Norwalk, CT on Sept 3, 2015Our West Coast Swing classes in Norwalk, CT are still growing. Our Week 1 class on Thursday, September 3, 2015 was attended by 37 dancers, of which 13 were newcomers to West Coast Swing. Our regular dancers attend the beginner class to continuously improve their basic knowledge (a true dancer never graduates from a beginner class) and to warm up for the Intermediate/Advanced class afterwards.

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West Coast Swing CT August 2015 - Big Turnout and Pictures

West Coast Swing in Norwalk, CT on August 6, 2015

Our West Coast Swing beginner class in Norwalk, CT on August 6 had the largest attendance of 2015. With 34 dancers, this might be largest beginner series in Connecticut. We have dancers coming from near (Norwalk, CT) and far (Chappaqua, NY) just to be a part of the great community of dancers that supports our weekly Thursday classes and parties in Norwalk, CT.

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Air-Conditioning for Hustle and West Coast Swing in Norwalk, CT

Air Conditioner for Hustle and West Coast Swing in Norwalk, CT

Summer Time

Even though summer officially started almost a month ago, the temperature has only reached over 90 degrees in the last few days. For many dance studios, the major challenge is to keep the studio temperature low so that dancers can be comfortable during classes as well during the parties.  But at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk, CT, our Hustle and West Coast Swing dancers are able to stay cool.

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West Coast Swing CT in July 2015 - Lots of Newcomers

West Coast Swing at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk, CT July 2015

The first 2 weeks of July have been especially good for West Coast Swing in Norwalk CT. The beginner class for both weeks was attended by about 30 dancers and each night had a total in excess of 40 dancers. These large classes allow for a lot of social interaction between newcomers and regulars.

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A Month of West Coast Swing Musicality Complete

Musicality for West Coast Swing w Erik Novoa

The West Coast Swing class in Connecticut just completed a month (four 1-hour classes) studying musicality. As I explained to the class on week 1, everything that I was teaching would be compressed information. This meant that every class I taught ideally would have been experienced in double the time: 1 hour of musical theory, and 1 hour of dance application. Because this weekly class is only 1 hour long, dancing took precedent.

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Musicality for West Coast Swing - Week 2 Review

Musicality for West Coast Swing Week 2 Review

Last week our West Coast Swing dancers attended their second class on musicality. This class started with a brief review of some of the main points that were discussed on week 1, such as what is a beat, a measure, and a lyrical phrase. We also reviewed the idea of Common Time and the rhythmic structure and notation of West Coast Swing. We proceeded to review our pulsed timing as an basic expression of on and off beats.

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New Beginners and Musicality

Welcome to the West Coast Swing Group in CT

Our Week 1 West Coast Swing classes in Connecticut are off to a good start. We had more new people this week. One of the newcomers even baked a cake for my birthday - it was quite incredible.

These new dancers are the incremental "life-blood" of our dance community. Combined with last month's new attendees, we have seen a 30% increase in our regular attendance. Even better, in 2015 we have exposed about 50 Connecticut residents to West Coast Swing. Some of those people have become regular dancers in our community. It feels good to watch them go on their West Coast Swing journey.

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This Is How We Do It - Building The Dance Community in CT

This is how we build a dance community in CT

Last week was one of the best we’ve had in many months! There were new dancers in our Hustle class and both of our West Coast Swing classes.

Our week started on Tuesday, May 5 with "Hustle De Mayo”. This jump-started our Hustle series for the month of May. Hustle had been collateral damage to all the snow storms that consistently occurred on Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the early months of 2015. It was especially nice to have 2 new couples joining our Hustle classes for the first time.

Wednesday, May 6 began the West Coast Swing beginner series in Harrison, NY. We had a class full of new faces and many of those people were entirely new to West Coast Swing. By the conclusion of both classes, they were already dancing the Sugar Push, Right Pass, Left Pass, and Whip. I can’t wait to continue their journey this week.

Even Thursday’s regular West Coast Swing class grew in size by 25%. New leaders, new followers, and a full house of regulars. This is how to build a community!!

Swingin Into Spring 2015 - Review and Placements

Swingin' Into Spring 2015

We had a great time at Swingin' Into Spring 2015! Event director, Ken Mercik, did an excellent job at creating a great learning environment for the local West Coast Swing community. We had a good group of dancers from our Norwalk, CT West Coast Swing classes. We had a mix of regulars who had attended this event before and new dancers who made this their first event. I try to encourage our students to attend this event because of its beginner-friendly staff, its leveled workshops, and its close proximity. As I've said before, you'd have to be crazy not to attend this event.

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Accepted to Fairfield University

Fairfield University

I have the pleasure and honor of having been accepted to Fairfield University's program in American Studies. I am excited about all the new possibilities that attaining a Master's degree will create. This degree will help me augment my knowledge of and fascination with the dances (West Coast Swing and Hustle) and music I love and the history behind them.

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