West Coast Swing dance class in Norwalk, CT on March 18, 2021

Last Thursday, we had a "full house" at our West Coast Swing beginner dance class in Norwalk, CT. That means that we had 20 people total, 19 students and me. This represented the capacity limit specified by the State of Connecticut for Dance Dimensions imposed in June 2020 (SwingShoes resumed classes in September 2020). 


One of the main contributors to the increased attendance this month is the commitment to the vaccination process. Currently, about 70% of the class has already received their first vaccine, 20% of the class has received both vaccinations, and 10% of the class is still waiting to receive their first vaccination. The students have all indicated that they will be getting vaccinated, and they realize that by receiving their vaccination, they will be able to get back to unmasked social dancing sooner rather than later. 

On Friday, I received my first of two COVID-19 vaccinations. It was an easy process. It felt like a pinch going in and I was a little sore in my shoulder for 2 days. It was a very easy process to help us getting back to maskless lessons and social dancing in the future. 

What's to Come in April

I'm hoping that more people will be confident to come to dance class in April. I have already received an email from a potential student who was waiting to receive their second vaccine and would be attending in April or May. I'm guessing that more students will start to return in the next two months. Nonetheless, we will still be pre-cleaning the studio, doing health check-ins, requiring masks, using hand sanitizer, and cleaning the studio after everyone has left. We will also continue to use the pre-registration process, which minimizes contact and allows class to start closer to on time. 

Here's What it Looked Like

Here's a brief video of class last Thursday, Mach 18, 2021.