Pictures 2010

Erik & Anna at Stamford Xmas Tree 2010

Erik & Anna starting the holiday season at the Stamford Xmas Tree lighting in Stamford, CT on Sun, Dec 5, 2010.

Erik Novoa, Lisette & Darcy on Nov 28, 2010

Lisette, Darcy & Erik hit the town after Saturday, WCSwing classes.

The Swingin New England Photos are ready to be seen.
Bookends, Strictly Swings and Jack & Jills, it's all here.

to Anthony & Rebecca DeRosa

They had a beautiful wedding this past weekend and I love watching them dance.

I had the honor of dancing with the bride and Anna danced with the groom....good friends because of dance!!

Erik Novoa & Anna Novoa - West Coast Swing at Oberlin College
Erik & Anna Novoa teach 8 workshops in West Coast Swing at Oberlin College on Sat, Oct 9 in Ohio.

Anna had an awesome dance with the amazing Alex Kim at the Hustle Room at the NY Salsa Congress on Sept 5.· There were 1000s (no exaggeration) of salsa dancers exposed to top-level Hustle during this Labor Day weekend event.

Summer Hummer 2010 was a great dancing and bonding experience. Here are most of the dancers that joined our tables for this awesome event.

Anna stands in front of Ochre Court Mansion in Newport, RI where were the guest instructors for Hustle and West Coast Swing on Aug 7, 2010. It was an amazing experience.

Our West Coast Swing & Hustle classes performed a full routine in the Choreographers' Showcase at the Crystal Theatre in Norwalk, CT on Friday, July 30, 2010.· They did a great job and exemplify how dance can bring people together. Bravo!!

Anna and I finally have some promo pictures for our new routines.
(These are from Disco America 2010 - see the rest)

We hope you get a chance to see them a one of the events near you.

Deborah Székely taught some awesome WCS workshops this past weekend. She and I were most impressed with the Jazz class.

Liberty Swing was a fantastic dance event last weekend.· Visionary routines along with social Jack & Jills made it inspiring. See the Liberty Swing pictures

Congrats to Josh (1st Place) and Mark (4th Place) for their amazing moments in the Novice Jack & Jill

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Anna and I had an amazing experience at Stardust dance weekend.· We debuted a new WCS and Hustle routine and resurrected our former Contemporary Ballet routine.· Here's a look from the performance on Sat, June 12 and below is a sneak peek at some of our rehearsals.

Erik's dancing birthday party was just incredible. Over 70 people from all over the area danced the night away.
Steve & Anthony (our DJ) did a great job w their workshops and music on Sun, June 6.

Josh & Sevens have a fun dance at the Platinum Party, where over 90 people attended.

New couple, Jeff & Meghan are dancing with everyone including each other on Week 3 of West Coast Swing at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk, CT

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Watch the video of our Hustle TV Promo on CT-Style.· Pass it along and let people know what we do.
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And here's our West Coast Swing TV Promo.


Some of our Hustle crew filmed a 5min commercial.· We'll keep you posted on our air date.
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Watch the video of our West Coast Swing March Choreography. I'm excited to see what April's choreography will look like.·
Start it this Week!

Boston Tea Party Swing Dance event was so good, even Tatiana was doing flips!··· But I still think our group had the best time.

Boston Tea Party Photos are Here
23 of us had a great time at Boston Tea Party Swing Dance Event last weekend.· We can't wait for the rest of this year's events.
(special thanks to Liza May for this pic)
Maria Torres and Erik NovoaErik & Maria Torres are all hugs after her Latin Jazz class on Sat, March 20. That class explored movement that was different and challenging.· Here's a quick peak:
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Just a taste of what our advanced West Coast Swing class has to offer.· Some of the people in this video started their WCS journey with us. This video was taken on March 18, 2010.

You know dance is a priority when you spend your Birthday at West Coast Swing night.· Happy Birthday Lisette!
Another way you can tell someone likes West Coast Swing is when they travel from Brooklyn, NY to Norwalk, CT for our classes and party.· Jen is getting better fast!!

Erik Novoa & Anna Brady dance Hustle at MADjam
Anna and Erik kick it to another level at MADjam 2010. Congratulations to the Competitive Crew for placing in almost every division.· It was a special weekend.


Thurs, Feb 11 - Some new faces, some regular faces, and one birthday girl (Kim) and one birthday boy (Cliff). If you don't know them, come meet everyone at West Coast Swing night, every Thursday.


New Year's Dancin Eve was so much fun.· We're looking forward to going to many other events in 2010 as a group.· Above, Anna and Charity conga around the ballroom on New Year's Eve.