Pictures 2012

Dancing New Year's Eve CT
Celebrating at Dancing New Year's Eve CT in Stamford, CT
Dancing New Year's Eve CT in Stamford, CT
Dancing New Year's Eve CT was absolutely incredible. A mix of West Coast Swing, Hustle and Salsa in one ballroom kept everyone dancing through the New Year - Happy New Year 2013!!
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Swingin New England Group Dinner
Our group dinner at Swingin New England was just part of the fun.
Andy and Renee in the West Coast Swing Jack & Jil at Swingin New England
Renee & Andy draw each other randomly in the Newcomer Jack & Jill at Swingin New England.
Halloween 2012 - Erik & Anna
We hope you enjoy your Halloween!
Dancing isn't that scary.
Try it next week.
Kat Wildish & John Festa at the Platinum Party
It's not every day that two legends of different dance worlds come together. But Kat Wildish, renown ballet teacher at the Ailey Extension program; and John Festa, WCS DJ Legend shared their first dance at the Platinum Party on Fri, Oct 19, 2012. It was a sweet birthday moment for Anna.
Swing Niagara
Anna Novoa's Medals from Swing NiagaraErik & Anna Novoa at Swing Niagara
Swing Niagara totally rocked, especially for Anna (1st Place Open Hustle, 1st Place All-Start Strictly WCS, 3rd Place Int Jack & Jill (which qualifies her to move into the Advanced division)).
Swing Niagara review/placements.
Pictures of Swing Niagara.

Showcase cast party
The opening night cast party!
We had a great 1st performance and it got better from there.
Showcase Cast - Performance night
The West Coast Swing and Hustle Showcase performers on the date of their performance.
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Showcase cast - jump
22 of our dancers finish their last rehearsal before performing at the Ailey Citigroup Theater.
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Anna Novoa & Kim Brolet at Swing Fling 2012
It was all hugs and blue lights at Swing Fling 2012.
Josh & Lura at NY Swing Congress 2012
Josh & Lura in their 1st place dance at NY Swing Congress / Big Apple on July 21, 2012.
Dance group in Central Park for the NY Philharmonic
Erik & Anna, other dancers and friends attended the NY Philharmonic's free concert in Central Park on July 13, 2012.
Erik & Anna Grand Canyon West Coast Swing
Erik & Anna demonstrate West Coast Swing on the rim of the Grand Canyon on June 30, 2012.
Western Bluebird in Zion National Park
Some of our pictures from the Grand Canyon and Zion.

Liberty Swing 2012 - SwingShoes Group
Our SwingShoes Group came together for another fun event. Liberty Swing was a great combination of serious competitions, great social dancing and a fun group dinner.

Disco America 2012
Disco America 2012 - Jamesson & Cammy
Disco America was an exellent Hustle event, full of social dancing & competitions.

Erk's West Coast Swing Birthday Party
I had a great time at my own West Coast Swing birthday party on Thurs, June 7. Special shout out to Jane who also shared her birthday with me!

Shoreline Swing party on May 19, 2012Our West Coast Swing workshops at Shoreline Swing in Niantic, CT on Sat, May 19 resulted in a great party night!

Joesphine & Steve Neeren at the Platinum Party in New York, NYJosephine & Steve have a great dance at the Platinum Party in New York, NY on May 18, 2012.

SwingShoes Group Picture at Swingin Into Spring on May 5, 2012
Our Swingin Into Spring group was incredible. We had 44 people in our group and had numerous placements in almost all divisions. We had a special "Tic-Tac-Toe" in the Newcomer division (3 placements in a row: 2nd, 3rd, 4th place).
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Andrew Hayden & Kim Brolet at West Coast Swing in Norwalk on April 26, 2012
Andrew and Kim have a fun West Coast Swing dance on April 26, 2012 at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk, CT

Al & Cindy dance West Coast Swing in Norwalk, CT on April 19, 2012
Cindy and Al have a great dance on West Coast Swing night in Norwalk, CT on April 19, 2012.
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Boston Tea Party logo
Boston Tea Party Group Photo
Boston Tea Party was a sea of Orange (our group color). We had over 35 people in our group. Shot-glass toasts, group dinner, and Cheer Team made this one of the memorable events. See the pictures!
MADjam 2012 logo
SwingShoes Group at MADjam 2012 on Sat, March 4, 2012
MADjam was a great event for West Coast Swing and Hustle. We had 12 people who made the trip to Reston, VA (but only 4 made it into the picture). Here is my review and our group placements.
MADjam 2012 - West Coast Swing Showcase 130
Pictures of MADjam's Showcase and Classic division can be seen here.

Our West Coast Swing Advanced Class did an impressive job with our February routine. A little bit of hard work and a good song can make your night an outstanding life-time experience.

Platinum West Coast Swing & Hustle Party in New York, NY on Feb 17, 2012
The Platinum Party brought out people from both the West Coast Swing and Hustle world on Feb 17, 2012. We also had a few people from the West Coast Swing workshops at The Ailey Extension earlier this month.


West Coast Swing in Norwalk, CT on Feb 16, 2012We have over 40 people consistantly coming to West Coast Swing night in Norwalk, CT. It's a good time, every time! Here's Megan and Harold enjoy a fun West Coast Swing dance on Thurs, Feb 16.

West Coast Swing at The Ailey ExtensionThe Ailey Extension
For the first time, West Coast Swing was taught at The Ailey Extension on Sat, Feb 11, 2012 in New York, NY. We were honored to be invited to teach at this amazing and historic dance facility. Teaching at the Ailey Extension was a direct result of our student Showcase in August 2011. (photo by Zach Held)

Wes & Mary Carrajat at Connecticut Dancing New Year's Eve 2012
Wes & Mary Carrajat had a great time as DJs for The Connecticut Dancing New Year's Eve on Sat, Dec 31, 2011 in Stamford, CT. We were sold out for dinner and had a room of Salsa and a room of Hustle/West Coast Swing. It was a great way to start 2012!!