Pictures 2008

It's hard to know on which night to go to dance in Norwalk....especially with a dance as fierce as Hustle!  Our last dance of 2008 on Tues, Dec 30 had 30 hard core dancers and our guest instructor Steve Neeren from NYC. 

Well - That's it!  2008 is over.  But, 2009 is going to make last year look like a practice party.  See you there!

Over 30 dancers tore the roof off of Rhythm in Norwalk on Monday night, Dec 29 (yes, Monday) when West Coast Swing and Open Mic night came together.  The house band, The Bad Catz were a special treat for our dancers.



On Dec 22's WCS Xmas Party, some of us were dressed in red and one of us was dressed in was a fun time, especially thanks to the Band members of Open Mic Night.  PS - We're doin it again this Monday, Dec 29.

31 People were at last weeks Hustle Night on Dec 16 - The holidays and some snow didn't slow anyone down.
This week - no class on Tues - but join us on Monday for the live band at 9:30pm (or for regular WCS classes (which start at 7:30)


The West Coast Swing gang can really light up the room with smiles as they did on Mon, Nov 24.

Our very own Bruce Couillard and the band Electric Mayhem added that special something to WCS fun on Sunday, November 23 at Club Ballroom in Derby, CT.

It's nice to see 25 people on a Saturday afternoon enjoying Night Club 2-Step with Sabrina on November 15.

In Loving Memory
Arte Phillips

The ultimate artist
a mentor & a friend
Passed away Nov 12, 2008

Swingin New England

Pictures are Here

Sunday West Coast Swing Workshops with Jennifer Lyons on Nov 2.

Some people even dressed up for Halloween Hustle on Tues, Oct 28.

Sabrina and her dance partner George guide a Sunday crowd through Night Club 2 Step on Oct 26.

Erik & Anna perform a demo of WCS and Hustle at Ballroom Night at the Unitarian Church in Westport CT on Sun, Oct 26.
(special thanks to Mark Hennessy and Gene Wong for their photographs)

Anna & Erik took Halloween seriously this weekend.
This week - come to class as someone you're not!  Let's have fun!

There was a great turn out for Hustle on Friday, October 24 at Smiths Dancing School in Thornwood, NY

Fall was in full effect at the NY Botanical Gardens on Sat, Oct 18 - Anna's Actual Birthday.

Holy crap!  I'm in a picture!
Thanks to Mark Hennessy.
Erik & Jane have a fun dance on West Coast Swing Night at Rhythm on Oct 8.

Sabrina and Mark work their slot at West Coast Swing night on Wed, Oct 8 at Rhythm in Norwalk.

Erin & Marc wear matching black shirts and smiles on Hustle night on Tues, Oct 7 at Rhythm in Norwalk.

Jordan & Tatiana had a spectacular turnout at TwirlTheGirl / Jennifer Lyons' West Coast Swing weekend on Sat, Oct 4.
It was great to see this young, but legendary couple dancing with everyone.

Erik's new nephew, Oliver, got the cuddle experience from Anna on Oct 5.

Over 60 People attended Silvana's Hustle Workshops in Derby on Sat, Sept 27.
Start Hustle This Week!

Erik & Anna on their hike on to the Appalachian Trail near Beartown State Forest

Lisa, Erik & Margaux represent Team Purple on Wednesday, West Coast Swing night at Rhythm in Norwalk on Wed, Sept 17

Lindsay makes it all happen behind the bar on Hustle night Sept 16 and every Tuesday at Rhythm in Norwalk, CT.

WCS & Hustle was "amix" at the Southern Tier Swing Dance Society Party on Sat, Sept 6.

Rhythm's West Coast Swing beginner class is growing.  We had familiar faces and new faces.  Tell a friend and come join our community.  See more pictures of West Coast Swing Wednesday, Sept 3.

Here are two winners of the Jack & Jill of the NY Hustle congress: Renee (2nd Place) and Lisa (1st Place).
They were at our Hustle Class on Tuesday, Sept 2.

Raul and Sergia rocked all divisions at the NY Hustle Congress.
Photos of the NY Hustle Congress

Summer Hummer was easily the best West Coast Swing event of the Summer for the New England area...complete with International talent, amazing routines, and incredible pool p
See the Hummer Hummer pictures here.

Anna and Bruce have inspirational smiles at the Platinum Party at Club 412 in NYC on Fri, Aug 15.

Ligaya and Kim work on some styling at the West Coast Swing Party at Rhythm in Norwalk, CT on Wed, Aug 13.

Read the Norwalk Citizen News article about Rhythm and our Hustle & WCSwing classes
Article Here

Kathy & Eric make Hustle look so easy on July 29 at Rhythm in Norwalk.  They'll be inspiring a bunch of newcomers during the first week of August.

Tommy & Donna met dancing 30 years ago - they're still dancing Hustle.  Here they are at the Saturday Night Fever Party on Sat, July 26 at Rhythm in Norwalk, CT.

Lisa and Jane give the guys something to admire on West Coast Swing night on Wed, July 23 at Rhythm in Norwalk, CT.

Bruce (on sax) is not only a good dancer, he's a great musician!  See him play at Open Mic Nights on Mondays nights at Rhythm in Norwalk.

Erin and James keep the smiles flowing during Hustle night on Tues, July 15 at Rhythm in Norwalk, CT.

Erik & Anna wish you a very Happy 4th of July.

Alicia, Bruce and Lisa celebrate another fun night of West Coast Swing at Rhythm in Norwalk on July 2.

Hustle's first week had 50 people.  James and Oxana are all smiles during the Hustle Party at Rhythm in Norwalk on July 1.

Lisa and Bruce give you many reasons to dance at West Coast Swing Night at Rhythm in Norwalk on June 25.

Sweet and Sassy at Hustle Night at Rhythm in Norwalk, CT on Tues, June 17.

Erik & Anna enjoy a fun WCS dance at Smiths Dancing School on Fri, June 6.
(Photos by Allison Bert)

It's a good day to be dancing West Coast Swing at Rhythm on Wed, June 4.

It's cool to be Erik on his 35th Birthday at Rhythm's Hustle Night on Tues, June 3.

WCSwing & Hustle Fest reached new heights on May 30-31. Anne-Catherine Church, with Adams Co Dance, was one of our guest performers for the professional show.

Arte Phillips surrounds himself with beauty at the WCS & Hustle Fest. (photo by Susan Chen)

You can imagine Anna's surprise when I proposed to her this weekend (May 25) in Mystic, CT.  Yes - she's wearing the ring.

Good Karma goes a long way!
Jeanie Pedro organized a fabulous dancing show for her mother at the Greenwich Woods Nursing Home on May 16.  Anna and I  loved dancing for them.

There were many reasons why Swingin Into Spring was a great event.  Here are 4 of them.

Wednesday West Coast Swing creates some magic moments on April 30.

Tuesday Hustle has over 30 people, just like April 29...join us this Tuesday, May 6 for a new series.

Monday Night West Coast Swing at The Palms in Stamford, CT on April 28. Come out for the first night of dancing on May 5 (Cinco De Mayo). 3 superstars like Arjay Centeno, Jennifer Lyons and Robert Royston show up to a great event like Swing Dance America, fun is bound to happen.  See the rest of the pictures from the event.

Lauren and Dereck enjoy West Coast Swing in Stamford as a's their regular Monday night "date" on April 21.

It's difficult to resist the temptations of the Platinum Party on April 18.

West Coast Swing rocked at Smiths Dancing School in Thornwood, NY.  46 people attended the two beginner workshops and dance on Fri, April 11.

Guess who wore a WCS-heal  and a Lindy-sneaker  for the Invitational WCS-Lindy crossover division??  You'll have to find out at the pictures for Boston Tea Party 2008

Jason and Sophie make West Coast Swing look sooo good at the Chicago Classic 2008 during the weekend of March 14.  Erik also placed 4th in the "All-Star" Jack & Jill.

Jordan & Tatiana take a risk at MADjam 2008, already one of the best events of the year.  Erik & Anna also placed 2nd in the Cabaret Division.

Ligaya applauds all 48 of you who attended her WCSwing Workshops at Rhythm in Norwalk on March 1.

Ballet de Monterray performs at the Joyce Theater this week. See the photos from my photo shoot on Tues, Feb 26.

Newcomers and Champions dance together during WCSwing Night at the Polish Home in Windsor Locks, CT on Sat, Feb 24.

Naomi and John make West Coast Swing look like fun on Monday Feb 18 at the Palms in Stamford, CT.

Platinum Party: $15
Smiles This Big: Priceless
2 Dancers have a good time at the Platinum Party in NYC on Sat, Feb 15.

Margaux and Bruce enjoy West Coast Swing night at The Palms in Stamford, CT on Mon, Feb 11.

Brendan and Hilary get close during West Coast Swing night in Ludlow, VT on Feb 2.

Oxana and James work the dance floor on Hustle Night at Rhythm on Tues, Jan 29.

Deborah, Jerry and Juanita enjoy a drink on West Coast Swing Night at Rhythm in Norwalk on Wed, Jan 23.

Renee and Adeniyi tear it up on Hustle night at Rhythm in Norwalk on Tues, Jan 22.

Margaux and Tony work their West Coast Swing groove at the Palms in Stamford on Mon, Jan 21.

Sat Night Fever - Hustle Night in Derby CT made Gene lose the pens, open his shirt, wear a glowing pendant and show off his female friends on Sat, Jan 19.

Carolyn, Khrystyna, Bruce and Beth make the Platinum WCS & Hustle Party a night to remember on Friday, Jan 18.

Larysa and Tony enjoy West Coast Swing Night on the new floor at Rhythm on Wed, Jan 16.

Rhythm (Norwalk, CT) has a new dance floor and is now the new home for Hustle on Tuesday, and WCS on Wednesday.  Pictures of Hustle on January 15.

70+ people learned how to Spin & Turn at Dance Gourmet in E. Hartford on Jan 12. 110 people were in attendance throughout the day.

Fun-times at The Palms for WCS night on January 7.

Costa Rican Toucans pose during Anna's and my vacation.  We didn't dance for a week.