Pictures 2009

Bruce and Megan show how fun West Coast Swing can be....and this was just during the class on Thurs, Dec 17.

Come join us or tell your friends.  January 2010 is going to be off the charts.


Hustle is the most dynamic dance of the dance-family.  Tuesday Hustle on Dec 8, 2009 is still representing this fierce dance.  It's a great dance to have fun, get in shape and meet a bunch of new people.

Special thanks to Mark, who took some pictures on Thurs, Dec 3, when John Festa DJ'd our West Coast Swing night.

There were a lot of new faces at the Platinum Party on Fri, Nov 20 in New York City. Learning West Coast Swing & Hustle can introduce you to a lot of people all at once.

Swingin' New England was awesome.  As a group, we did the best that we ever have. Placements in Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate and Allstar!

There were about 100 people for the day of Dance (NC2, Hustle, Lindy Hop & West Coast Swing) in Thomaston, CT. Eran Troy Danner & the Band rocked.  Our very own Ron MacCarthy did a great job hosting the event.

We had about 30 people in the beginner West Coast Swing class on Nov 5. It's the best West Coast Swing night in southern, CT because of all the cool people and the friends they bring.  You can still join us on Week 2.

Some of our hardcore Hustle dancers (there were 30 dancers in total) wore a Hat in honor and memoriam of Arte Phillips on Tues, Nov 3. We'll be doing a Hustle dance tribute to him all month: showing his style of movement, his videos, and stories.  The "Arte-Journey" continues next week.

Our West Coast Swing crew went all out for Halloween.  We even had three sightings of Michael Jackson on Thurs, Oct 29.

Some of our Hustle crew showed up in full costume (even 5 days before Halloween). What great spirit & fun.  We even had good dancing on Tues, Oct 27.

Karen & Josh show you how attractive West Coast Swing can be at the Platinum Party NYC on Fri, Oct 16.

West Coast Swing on Thursdays at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk has really been fun.  This month we enjoyed one of Erik & Anna's favorites...they even used it for their first dance at their wedding.

Another fun night of West Coast Swing on Thurs, Oct 8. My first night teaching WCS since getting married.

Erik & Anna were married on Sun, Oct 4, 2009.  One of the best days of their lives, full of smiles, tears of joy, friends, family, and tons of dancing.

Everybody loves a night of West Coast Swing dancing on Thursday, Oct 1 at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk, CT.

Some regulars and some new faces came to the beginner class of Week 1 of Hustle at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk, CT on Tues Sept 29.  The only location taught by a national champion of Hustle in CT.

Hawk Festival at Greenwich Audubon
The Hawk Festival at the Greenwich Audubon on Sun, Sept 20 was fun.  Birds have as much fun flying as people do when they're dancing.

Hustle dancing in Norwalk, CT on Sept 19, 2009
Guest Instructors, Danny & Jameson, taught some of the coolest Hustle moves and concepts I've seen in a long time at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk on Sat, Sept 19.

West Coast Swing 2009-09-10 in Norwalk, CT
Mark & Laura let us peak in on their smokin' dance on Thursday, Sept 10 for West Coast Swing night at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk.

26 of the 30 people that joined us for Week 1 Hustle at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk, CT

A group of 20 dancers joined our SwingShoes table at Summer Hummer.  Our next group event is Swingin New England on Nov 11-13.

Josh and Alicia randomly draw each other during the Newcomer Jack & Jill preliminary round.

Josh went on to place 2nd!!

One of the amazing moves that Kyle & Sarah did during their winning Jack & Jill in the Champion's Division.

More Summer Hummer Photos

20090824 - Ocean Grove Beach, NJ - 01-sm
Anna & Erik take a mental health day at Ocean Grove, NJ on Monday (that's why the newsletter is out on Tues).

20090823 - WCS w Robert Royston - 04-sm
Robert Royston gives top level pointers for Jack & Jills and all lead-follow dances at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk, CT on Sun, Aug 23.

20090814 - Hustle at SDS - 19-sm
Hustle Threesomes with Renee & Lisa at Hustle night at Smiths Dancing School in Hawthorne, NY on Fri, Aug 14.

20090813 - WCS Night - 04-sm
52 people attended West Coast Swing night on Thurs, Aug 13 at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk, CT. What are you doing on Thursdays, come join us!

20090811 - Hustle Night - 03-sm
Erin & Joe work the floor on Hustle night on Tuesday, Aug 11 at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk.

20090806 - WCS Night - 02-sm
Week 1 of West Coast Swing was great last Thursday, Aug 6 at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk, CT.

20090731 - Choreographer's Showcase & After-party - 22-sm
The Hustle & West Coast Swing performance was so much fun that we had to celebrate our achievement at the Black Bear Saloon in South Norwalk.  Here are the pictures of our after-party on July 31.

I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of the 25 Intermediate Hustle and West Coast Swing classes for their amazing performance at Dance Dimension's Choreographer's Showcase.  Here is the video of our performance on Fri, July 31.

West Coast Swing has been on fire this month.  It started with DJ John Festa and will conclude this month with both Intermediate classes performing in Dance Dimension's Choreographer's Showcase this Friday.  Here's what WCS Week 4, Thurs, July 23 looked like. Newcomers can start the first week of August!

Anna and I had the honor of teaching the beginner East Coast Swing lesson for Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at Midsummer Night Swing on Wed, July 22, 2009. We started with about 80 people and finished with about 300.  By the time the band started, there were over 3000 people in Lincoln Center's Damrosch Park.  It was amazing!

Sometimes we have to break away from the dancing to just have some fun in the back room.  Here are some of the Hustle "Divas" working their poses on Tues, July 14, 2009 at Dance Dimensions.

Bobby & Diane have a dance during our Thurs night West Coast Swing dance on July 9.

Have you ever thought about trying West Coast Swing or introducing someone to it.  Here's a video or our beginner class and the dance party on Thurs, July 9.  Your next opportunity to start is on Aug. 6.  You won't be alone, we had 55 people last, couples, family and friends.

37 people took the beginner West Coast Swing class at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk, CT on Thurs, July 2 (9 people were completely new to our community).  Overall, 61 people enjoyed the night, which included the legendary DJ, John Festa.
*Newcomers can still join us on Week 2*

This is the final result of four weeks of working on "Poker Face" in the intermediate WCS Class.  It was a great learning experience and one of our most successful months ever. There are Five Takes:
Take 2
Take 3
Take 4
Take 5
Please send this web page to a friend and invite them to Week 1 (next week)

For all of you that are sick of the rain, this video is for you. We can always find excuses not to dance, not to smile, not to have fun...we didn't :-P

June's West Coast Classes at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk has been off the charts.  The intermediate class has worked so hard to make the choreography to "Poker Face" their own.

Erik & Sara (of East Bay Ballroom in Newport, RI) share a fun dance. Over 50 people attended the workshops & dancing on Sunday, June 14, 2009.

There were 51 people and lots of pictures from my Birthday party on Sunday, June 7 (actual bday is 6/3).  Happy Birthday to Jane, Pam & Gongyi and all the other June-born dancers.

May's West Coast Classes at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk was very successful.  I don't give out complements easily but this class really looked good, had fun and actually danced West Coast Swing.

Hustle - the perfect dance for any party.  Our Intermediate class IS a Party!  Take a look at our Week 4 on Tues, May 26.  See you every Tuesday in June.

Here's a sneak peak at our West Coast Swing intermediate class.  Most of the people in this video have been doing WCS for at least 6 months.

The Bronx Zoo was alive this weekend on Sat, May 9 2009.  My family went with my mom for Mother's Day.  It was a quick break from dancing to prepare for Week 2.

The Int'l Hustle & Salsa event in Miami, FL is already one of the highlights of 2009.  The beach, pool parties, "Las Vegas" quality show, serious competitions and friendly atmosphere makes this event a must.  Stephanie Risser and Louis Orlando enjoy late night dancing at IHSC on Sat, May 2, 2009.

Kim & Eric make the intermediate Hustle class look easy with their smiles on Tues, April 21, 2009 at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk, CT.

Silvana explains the magic of Hustle at the workshops at Club Ballroom in Derby, CT on Sat, April 18.

Silvana teaches the Hustle class at the Platinum Party in NYC on Fri, April 17. 74 people were at our party!

35 people came on Thursday when Bill Cameron was our special guest instructor for West Coast Swing night at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk, CT on Thurs, April 16.

The Boston Tea Party Photos are ready to be seen.

Hustle - Week 1 on April 7 in Norwalk, CT was super fun on Tuesday.  Next week Newcomers can still join us.

We had an awesome time in Montreal teaching Hustle & West Coast Swing on April 3-4. We want to thank Dance Conmigo for putting together such a fun and friendly weekend.

When 45 people showed up for West Coast Swing night on Thursday, March 12 you knew it was going to be a hot night.  Having Ligaya in the house (dancing with TJ) definitely made me warmer.  See more pictures here.

The MADjam photos are ready!!  Click here to see.
Prints can be purchased for:
4x6 for $2
5x7 for $3
8x10 for $5
and electronic files on CD for $5/pic.

Anna & Erik made finals in the Open/Pro Hustle Division at MADjam.  More Pics of us!
More pictures and results to come!

Sometimes a fun night of dancing makes you feel sexy.  Hustle Night at Danse Elite in Mamaroneck, NY on Sat, Feb 28...with 30 other dancers.

Sometimes, dancing just makes you feel good.  Here are some of the fun faces from West Coast Swing night on Thurs, Feb 19, 2009 at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk, CT.

27 dancers in the intermediate Hustle class on Tuesday Feb 17, 2009 at Dance Dimensions. There were 17 in the beginner class. 
Hustle Rocks!

37 people rocked out our Hustle Night at Dance Dimension in Norwalk on Tues, Feb 10, 2009.  This party is starting to take off!

35 people came out to West Coast Swing night at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk on Thurs, Feb 5.

20 People survived the West Coast Swing Workshops at Smiths Dancing School on Saturday, January 31, 2009.

We had over 40 people at the debut of West Coast Swing in Mamaroneck on Sat, Jan 24, 2009.
This is a glimpse of the "after party".

New Year's Dancin Eve on Jan 2-4 was a truly fun event.  If you've never been to an event, your missing some of the hottest dancing in your life.  Rebecca (IL) and Orion (MD) light it up in the Advanced Jack & Jill division.