Introduction to SwingShoes Task Force

The SwingShoes Task Force is a volunteer group designed to help create awareness for classes and events developed by SwingShoes Entertainment. This is done through marketing, planning, social engagement, and customer loyalty. These key members of the task force were selected based on their desire to expand our dance community and their special skills. 

The Task Force Team

Janice Frank

Director of Planning and Logistics

Janice is a highly creative professional with 15 years’ experience in operational management and executive support. Acting as mission control, she routinely orchestrates events while deftly tracking the daily tasks that keep a business in motion. She wishes to utilize her organizational and project management skills to support the artistic community she calls home. Janice holds a Bachelor of Science cum laude in Arts Administration from Wagner College.

Lynda Williams

Director of Social Engagement

Lynda is a lover of dance and everything social! She enjoys coordinating social group outings and get togethers such as dinners, dance nights out in New York City and Connecticut, live music picnics in the summer and even apple picking! Lynda hopes to continue to arrange future activities in an effort to reinforce that Swingshoes is a true dance family where our community goes beyond the dance floor.

Paul Okura

Director of Customer Loyalty

From his career in banking to his entrepreneurial success as President & Chief Technology Officer for CMIT Solutions of Southern Westchester, Paul has always been focused on client relationships. His passion for dance has led him to be amateur competitor in international Standard & Latin and a strong student of West Coast Swing. His love for dance and his experience with customer relations makes Paul the perfect advocate for growing and retaining the SwingShoes community.