Swingin' Into Spring Group Picture

Our SwingShoes group had an awesome time of taking workshops, social dancing, competing, and bonding at Swingin' Into Spring 2022. After waiting three years for a local dance event, our dance community finally had the opportunity to experience all the benefits of taking workshops, dancing with other people, and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Here are some the highlights of the event. 


I'm so proud of all of our 6 dancers who were brave enough to compete in the random-partnered Jack and Jill competitions. It was thrilling to watch each of the dancers grow as they danced. I feel that this journey is as important for the dancers who did not place as it is for the dancers who did.


Paul Okura - 1st place
Anne Humphrey - 4th place
Cynthia Tragge-Lakra - 5th place
Bella Malits - 7th place
Deb Ezbitski - Prelims

Janice Frank - Prelims

Newcomer finalists at Swingin' Into Spring 2022Our 4 newcomer finalists

Winners of Newcomer Jack and Jill at Swingin' Into Spring 2022Top 5 newcomer winners (photo credit: Angelique Early)

Group Dinner

The group dinner was a wonderful experience. It gave us an opportunity to hang out and get to know each other a little better. This unique experience is not done by most dance groups at events; however, I feel that this is one of the most memorable moments of the entire weekend. What special memory will you remember about this dinner? 

SwingShoes group dinner at Swingin' Into Spring 2022

Final Thoughts

I'm so happy that we had a group of 20 dancers at Swingin' Into Spring 2022.  Because of COVID, this was my first event in three years. My body is tired, but my heart is happy. I hope you enjoyed learning from all the event instructors as much as I enjoyed teaching to rooms full of new faces. I was excited to see most of our group in the second-floor ballroom to enjoy John Festa's music at midnight on Saturday night. These late night moments to traditional swing music are often the most magical moments of Swingin' Into Spring, and I wanted to guide you to it. Thank you to all of you for coming to this event with me. You made it special. 

Blues room at Swingin' Into Spring 2022Enjoying the blues room with DJ John Festa