Grand Canyon West Coast Swing

Erik & Anna in the Grand Canyon (Desert View)Anna and I went to the Grand Canyon in July 2012. Even though we were awestruck by the breathless views, Califorina Condors, and fresh air, we didn't forget to video our dance moves.

We hope that you enjoy our only dance steps on our trip. We are excited to return!

Disco America - Review and Results

Disco America 2012I was very impressed with this year's Disco America. I have to say that I was a little concerned about our Hustle community before this event. Other Hustle events in the past have been plagued by disorganization, tardiness and lackluster exposés of the top level dancers.

Vacation Week (May 2012)

Erik in the poolYou'd be amazing to know - sometimes I need a break from dance. Emotionally, this makes no sense at all. I love dance, dancing and teaching dance. However, since January, I have hardly had any time off. Just physically, it was taking its toll. Starting in April, I was teaching dance on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and rehearsing or attending dance events on most weekends. It was almost nonstop. Here's how I spent some of my time off.

Swingin Into Spring 2012 - Group Results

swingin-into-springThank you to everyone who was a part of our SwingShoes Group! We had a great time dancing with you, getting to know each other better and guiding you on your journey into dance.

Congratulations to all who had the courage to compete in the Jack & Jills or Strictly Swing divisions.

*If you would like to be mentioned (and are not on this list), please send an email to me and I will update this list.

Boston Tea Party 2012 - Group Results

Boston Tea Party logoCongratulations to all those who had the courage to compete in the Jack & Jill or Strictly Swing divisions.

*If you would like to be listed (and are not on this list), please send an email to me and I will update this list.

Writing dance choreography and sequences

writing danceWriting down dance class choreography and sequences is one of the best ways to improve your dancing. I know it sounds crazy that writing could help one's dancing, especially in the day of video. As a teacher, I ask (and sometimes request - and sometimes even demand) that students write down the sequence of the day. I do this for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes. I do this because the act of writing helps the learning process.


MADjam 2012 Review and Group Placements

MADjam 2012 logoGo Big or Go Home!! MADjam 2012 was really incredible. First-rate hotel, first-rate staff, first-rate dance floor, first-rate sound system, first-rate dancing!

I personally had a great time at MADjam 2012. From the moment of first arrival, the hotel staff was quick and responsive and even accommodating (no way!!!).

Dance Rehearsals for MADjam

20120220-Rehearsal-01-smOver the last couple of weeks we have fully resurrected our Hustle and Cabaret routines for Mid Atlantic Dance Jam, aka MADjam. This event is being held next week and we are gearing up to have clean and powerful presentations of both of our routines.


Valentine's Day Weekend for a Dancer

dancers-jumping-heartAnna and I are looking forward to our Valentine's Day weekend. For most people, Valentine's weekend is an attempt to have idealistically, romantic experiences mixed with chocolates and flowers. Not us!


Music Cut for New West Coast Swing Routine

MIxing West Coast Swing MusicAnd so begins a new year! Anna and I have been discussing choreographing a new West Coast Swing routine for some time now. We have finally chosen a song out of 3 possibilities. Of the two that we did not choose this time, one was a slow blues and the other was an artsy song that reminded me of a vignette from Cirque du Soleil. The one that we did select has a folksy-rock feel with a good up-beat tempo and strong positive interpretation.