Opening Night Cast Party

Kristen, Anna, KimAfter our first amazing performance. I barely had time to celebrate with the cast back stage. I changed back into civilian clothes and ran to set up the final aspects for our opening night cast-party, not just for our group but for the entire company.

The First Performance

Ailey Citigroup TheaterThis was our first time participating in all three performances at the Ailey Citigroup Theater for Kat Wildish's Performing in New York Showcase. Last year, the weekend of the show was canceled because of hurricane Irene. We only were able to perform for one of the rescheduled performances. This year, we made it through all three performances in great style.

Final Rehearsals for Showcase 2012

20120823 - Erik Choreographing BowsOur final rehearsals were a lot of work. Time was up! We were no longer focused on actual choreography as much as we were focused on running the piece ad nauseum so that all blocking issues could be smoothed out.

Coming Together at the Gates of Hell Week


holding handsThe Showcase choreography is finally coming together!! Our Tuesday Hustle rehearsal cleared up many questions about the core movement and the additional Hustle Waltz section. The Thursday West Coast Swing rehearsal gave the dancers a chance to stitch together all the parts, including the finale.

Pushing the Envelope

Sangria and missing people

sangriaMonday's full-cast rehearsal went very well. Fortunately the sangria was back (thanks Lily) and everyone was raring to go.

Unfortunately, I was missing two cast members who had previously told me that they would have conflicts with this rehearsal. That always makes the blocking more challenging as I have to account for phantom people. It also makes things difficult on their partners who are solely responsible for the changes and nuances that are created in rehearsal.

Swing Fling 2012 - Review and Placements

Swing FlingAnna and I had a great time at Swing Fling. From our weather-excitement-filled drive to Herndon, VA to our thrilling performance of "Take It Off" to our students' placements in various divisions to our fun late-night dances, Swing Fling was all that it was cracked-up to be. I don't think there's another event that can touch Dave Moldover's Swing Fling for the rest of the summer. Pictures that I took at this event can be found here and here's our story and our groups placements...

Showcase 2012 is underway

West Coast Swing & Hustle ShowcaseOur West Coast Swing and Hustle Showcase 2012 choreography is well underway. Our journey will take us to the New York City stage of the Ailey Citigroup Theater. We started our choreography July with the "unveiling" of the song, a version of the top song Call Me Maybe. Although the original version is by Carly Rae Jepson, we are using a disco remix by Nicholas Wells.

Anna and I were so excited to use this version of the song. We had even considered using the song for ourselves but quickly realized how perfect it would be as a group number.

Grand Canyon West Coast Swing

Erik & Anna in the Grand Canyon (Desert View)Anna and I went to the Grand Canyon in July 2012. Even though we were awestruck by the breathless views, Califorina Condors, and fresh air, we didn't forget to video our dance moves.

We hope that you enjoy our only dance steps on our trip. We are excited to return!

Disco America - Review and Results

Disco America 2012I was very impressed with this year's Disco America. I have to say that I was a little concerned about our Hustle community before this event. Other Hustle events in the past have been plagued by disorganization, tardiness and lackluster exposés of the top level dancers.

Vacation Week (May 2012)

Erik in the poolYou'd be amazing to know - sometimes I need a break from dance. Emotionally, this makes no sense at all. I love dance, dancing and teaching dance. However, since January, I have hardly had any time off. Just physically, it was taking its toll. Starting in April, I was teaching dance on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and rehearsing or attending dance events on most weekends. It was almost nonstop. Here's how I spent some of my time off.