Disco America - Review and Results

Disco America 2012I was very impressed with this year's Disco America. I have to say that I was a little concerned about our Hustle community before this event. Other Hustle events in the past have been plagued by disorganization, tardiness and lackluster exposés of the top level dancers.

Jameson and CammyThis year, event directors Joyce Szili and Donna Boyle ran a smooth event with plenty of social dancing, competitions for all types of competitors, fun/entertaining divisions and impressive professional-grade dog-fights.

Social Dancing

Even though the weekend had a full schedule of divisions, there was plenty of time for social dancing during the day and at night. I was happy to see the ballroom full of Hustle dancers both on Friday and Saturday night.


If you like to compete in Hustle and some of the ballroom syllabus, this event is for you. It offered a multitude of possibilities from pro-ams to professional dance-offs.

Our Results

Danny & GinnyKathy Johanessen & Steve Shaughnessy

Adv Just Huste - 1st
Int Just Salsa - 1st
Int Just WCS - 3rd
Thriple Threat (Hustle, Salsa, & WCS) - 2nd

Erik & Anna Novoa

Professional Hustle Dance Off - 3rd

Disco America 2012 - JJ - Erik  Lisa SchauppExciting Professional Hustle Jack & Jill

One of the personal highlights of the event was the Professional Hustle Jack & Jill which took place on Friday night. Not only was I honored to make finals, but it was a division worth watching. Our top Hustle professionals danced to contemporary killer music (thanks to DJ Steve Neeren) and showed how awesome Hustle can be.