Happy 35th Anniversary to Doug & Mary

Doug & Mary Holaday - Connecitcut West Coast Swing Performance Group at Alvin Ailey Ciitgroup TheaterDoug and Mary Holaday have been dancing Hustle and West Coast Swing with us for over 7 years. During that time they have been a part of our shows at the Crystal Theater in Norwalk and The Ailey Citigroup Theater in New York City. They have been a main part of our Connecticut Dance Community.

Great Anniversary & Great Food

Thanksgivig West Coast Swing in Norwalk, CTLast Saturday, we celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary as part of our Thanksgiving West Coast Swing night in Norwalk, CT. It was wonderful to see people bring so much great food for this special night.

Susan Wittmann baked one of her famous cakes for Doug & Mary's celebration, Doug Davis made amazing chicken tetrazini and others brought wine and goodies.


Doug & Mary Holaday with Erik & Anna Novoa at West Coast Swing in ConnecticutIt was great to see how our Connecticut West Coast Swing community came together to celebrate Doug & Mary's Anniversary. It's what dance community is all about.