Top 5 things that everyone wants

And how partner dancing can help you attain it.

#1 - Good Health

Partner Dancing leads to good healthMost people realize that good health is the #1 most important thing when they've lost their health or are unable to do something because of their lack of health. Imagine not being able to enjoy the home of your dreams because you can no longer climb the stairs due to your knees which are too weak to support your weight. Imagine having to control what types of foods you can eat because it might put you at the risk of diabetic shock.

There have been many studies done on how minimal exercise can help promote better overall health. As little as 15 minutes of low-impact activity can have beneficial results on weight, sugar levels and immune system.1 Most people's top excuses for not exercising are lack of time and simply not enjoying the boredom of a "workout".

2010 - Year in Review

2010 Year in ReviewThe Competitive Crew:

2010 saw the start of the competitive crew. It was my way to prepare of some members of our group the spring-time events. We started with a modified ballet barre for warm-up, did some jazz across-the-floors to dance away the inhibitions, and ended with some West Coast Swing drills.

July Show:

26 dancers participated in the Hustle & West Coast Swing Medley at the Crystal Theater in Norwalk, CT. That's a real achievement. Most people don't have any idea what type of preparation, dedication and sheer cajones it takes to step on stage and give it your best shot. I'm so proud of the people who stepped up to the plate.

Single in CT?

HeartAs I'm writing this, we've just passed the Thanksgiving 2010 Holiday. That means that many more people are about to be single according to a Facebook study. This study indicates that there is a significant spike in break-ups in the weeks leading up to 2 weeks before Christmas.

So if you're in a relationship, it's either time to put on your parachute or prepare to buy your significant other a gift for the holidays. If you happen to be one of the many singles out there, this might be an excellent moment to meet someone new as many relationships are purged.

Here's an idea that might increase your romantic chances whether it's for the holiday season or any other time of year: Partner Dancing. That's right!! Dancing with someone, a partner. Think of it as speed dating plus touching.