Saying "Hello" to the Host

say-helloI've been professionally teaching dance classes and hosting dances in both West Coast Swing & Hustle for the last decade. I have started to notice a trend that many people go to a party or class and do not say, "hello" to the host. I have seen this both at my own dances and at others.

I'm just wondering if people have fallen off the "my mother taught me good manners" wagon? So let's review the appropriate way to enter a party or class:

3 Steps to "hello" success:

Step 1: Enter party with a smile. Remember - no one really cares how your feel, but a smile makes it seem like you actually want to be there (which would be consistent with your actions).

Step 2: Pay your entry fee (preferably with a smile). As much as we like to throw free parties, sometimes the space costs money and sometimes it's our business (as fun as it may seem). Also, please don't piss off the door staff - they are mission control. If you piss off the door staff for an unimportant reason, there's a good chance that a choice will have to be made between the customer and mission control (personally, I rather lose a problematic customer than the mission control of my party).

Step 3: Say Hello!!! Provided that you have made it past the above referenced "Gordian Knot" challenges, you should now take off your jacket, change your shoes if necessary, take a deep breath, keep smiling and....say hello the host(s) of the party.


If you've made it this far, then you're probably not a social misfit. And I mean that seriously. Nothing screams insecurity, envy, jealousy and personal issues louder than awkwardly avoiding the person in whose "house" you've entered. And above all - it's RUDE!!!

So if you're one of those people - change!  It's not like a host is going to not notice you...and one word...Karma!

And if you're friends with one of those people. Help them...they need help. Their issues are preventing them from acting appropriately, and you're guilty by association. It's not like others don't notice.