Routines at Disco America

disco america 2011 - Hustle dance eventLast weekend we performed all three of our routines (two of them debuts) at Stardust Dance Weekend. This weekend we will be putting the new routines to the test in competition format at Disco America, one of the premier Hustle events on the east coast.

We've been rehearsing, cleaning, polishing and refining our Hustle routine (Take it off) for the Professional Showdown which will be on Saturday evening (prime-time!!). This is the most dramatic of our routines. It's almost taken on a sexy life of it's own, snarling with animal sexuality right out of the gates. It might be one of the few true Hustle tempo routines on the circuit (approx. 125 beats per minute).

We'll also be performing our new cabaret routine (Favorite Things) for the Cabaret Division on Sunday afternoon. This routine is a much lighter contrast than our Hustle routine. Favorite Things is light and happy, perhaps even flirtatious. It's our feel-good piece of the summer. However, the "lightness" in spirit makes this routine incredibly challenging. We are looking forward to gliding across the floor, looking suspended from mid-air, creating a rhythmic tap interlude and finishing with a smile.