Swing Fling 2013 - Review and Placements

Swing FlingIf you ever wanted to feel like a rock-star dancer during the summer of 2013, Swing Fling fulfilled your dream. This event, hosted by the same event director as MADjam, takes the dance experience to new sensory level. We had an amazing time dancing in the Jack & Jills, teaching workshops and performing "Take It Off" in one of the best shows produced in recent memory.

First Full Cast Rehearsal for Showcase 2013

Hustle and West Coast Swing come together

During the month of July, Anna and I taught our Hustle and West Coast Swing classes their respective choreography for the Showcase. The Showcase is part of a larger Performing in New York Showcase produced by Kat Wildish and being peformed at the Ailey Citigroup Theater in New York City.

For almost one month, both Hustle and West Coast Swing classes worked independently to perfect their movement. However, it wasn't until our first full-cast rehearsal on July 29, 2013 that both classes were brought together.

Liberty Swing 2013 - Group Results and Review

Liberty SwingWow! Talk about an awesome weekend of West Coast Swing in the New York City tri-state area! Liberty Swing is easily the most prominent West Coast Swing dance event in the upper Northeast region. During the weekend, I was incredibly active: I participated with our West Coast Swing group from Connecticut, judged multiple divisions of Jack and Jills and Strictly Swings, taught in the "A Better You" tune up, danced in the Pro-Am Jack & Jill, competed in the Pro Strictly Swing and Johnvitational, and photographed just about everything else.

Swingin Into Spring 2013 - Group Results

swingin-into-springThanks to the 41 dancers that came together as part of the SwingShoes Group at Swingin Into Spring!

The 30 minute break between workshops is one of the best things I've seen at an event. It allows for people to review what they learned, ask the instructor a question and still get to the next workshop in time.

This event is also a great way to bring the entire Connecticut West Coast Swing (and some Hustle) community together. It's this camaraderie and synergy which is so important to the social fabric of any good dance environment.

Best of all, Swingin into Spring allows local dancers to dance in the Jack & Jills (random partnerships) and the Striclty Swings (with your partner) in a comfortable and positive environment. Congratulations to all who had the courage to compete in the Jack & Jills or Strictly Swing divisions.

*If you were part of our group and would like to be mentioned (and are not on this list), please send an email to me and I will update this list.

Boston Tea Party 2013 Review and Group Placements

Btp-smallBoston Tea Party 2013 was another fun weekend of dancing and socializing. This event combines West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop for one of the best times in the New England area. Many of our dancers danced in the Jack & Jills, attended our group dinner and social danced until the wee hours of the night (or the next morning).

Dance captured on video

Erik Novoa and Sophie dance at MADjam 2013It might be awkward to hear this, but I'm not often thrilled by my own dancing. Don't get me wrong, I'm very proud of my accomplishments in West Coast Swing, Hustle and 25 years of dancing. But it's not often that I see a video of myself and say that it looks as good as it felt.

MADjam 2013 Review and Group Placements

MADjam 2012 logoMADjam 2013 (Mid Atlantic Dance Jam) was an amazing weekend of West Coast Swing and Hustle in the Washington DC / Virginia area. There were approximately 1500 people in attendance and it had the feeling of a rock concert, complete with full purple lighting effects and fog machine. There were more professionals on staff at this event than I've ever seen at any other dance event. If you like taking workshops, this event offers more choices than almost any other event on this side of the country.

Returning to Closed

Erik & Anna in Closed Position during West Coast Coast Swing.Over the last 60 days, Anna and I have been guiding the Int/Adv West Coast Swing class through a variety of movement vocabulary. These pattens and ideas are meant to augment leaders repertoire of movement and create recognition for the followers.

2012 Year in Review

 2012-In-Review-150px2012 was a year full of growth and good times for Hustle and West Coast Swing. We explored new teaching locations and met many new dancers. Our community fun times are extremely memorable and are all interwoven into our dance experience.

We had a great time choreographing new routines to some of the most popular tunes on the radio and on the West Coast Swing circuit. We ended up using one of those songs as part of our now-famous Showcase at the Ailey Citigroup Theater. 

We also hosted an amazing and very well-attended New Year's Eve event. 

Happy 35th Anniversary to Doug & Mary

Doug & Mary Holaday - Connecitcut West Coast Swing Performance Group at Alvin Ailey Ciitgroup TheaterDoug and Mary Holaday have been dancing Hustle and West Coast Swing with us for over 7 years. During that time they have been a part of our shows at the Crystal Theater in Norwalk and The Ailey Citigroup Theater in New York City. They have been a main part of our Connecticut Dance Community.