Liberty Swing 2013 - Group Results and Review

Liberty SwingWow! Talk about an awesome weekend of West Coast Swing in the New York City tri-state area! Liberty Swing is easily the most prominent West Coast Swing dance event in the upper Northeast region. During the weekend, I was incredibly active: I participated with our West Coast Swing group from Connecticut, judged multiple divisions of Jack and Jills and Strictly Swings, taught in the "A Better You" tune up, danced in the Pro-Am Jack & Jill, competed in the Pro Strictly Swing and Johnvitational, and photographed just about everything else.

If you're looking for the pictures....keep reading.

Great event for a social West Coast Swing dancer

From a social dancer's perspective, Liberty Swing is a mecca of the full spectrum of dance ability. From newcomers who are just beginning to learn West Coast Swing, to All-Star dancers from around the world and Champions from around the country, Liberty Swing is a center-point for dancers who want a weekend of great dancing.

Great event for a competitive West Coast Swing dancer

From a competitor's perspective, this event is the real thing. The pool is deep, the competition is stiff and it's a thrill a minute. Even the professional competitors adrenaline pumps for this event. Best of all, there are divisions for almost everyone from Masters (50+ years), Juniors (18 and under), Newcomers-Champions, Teams, Routines, Pro-Ams (routine and Jack & Jill), Strictly Swings, and Jack & Jills (even for opposite gender roles). Liberty Swing 2013 offered a competitive environment for anyone who wanted to give it a try.

Special things that make the difference

John Lindo and staff of Liberty Swing 2013John Lindo is a powerful force in the West Coast Swing community. This event illustrates how he can use that dominance in a very positive way. Simple things like bananas which lined the ballroom provided everyone in the ballroom with some nourishment, even in the fervor of a great night of dancing. His core staff made sure that every detail was addressed - and John publicly thanked them on Saturday night in front of his prime-time audience.

Liberty Swing also hosted a Pro-Am Jack & Jill which allowed many people a way to interact competitively with the top professionals at the event; a "$5 Dance with a Pro" Fundraiser; and "A Better You" 2 minute mini-private lesson workshop (fundraiser for breast cancer). It was the most Pro-Am centric West Coast Swing event I've ever attended; and the proceeds went to good causes.

John Lindo at Liberty Swing 2013When John decided to host a Johnvitational (an Invitational Jack & Jill in which John invited his choice of top dancers) he personally told the audience that he had hand-selected the dancers and the partnerships. He helped explain a situation that sometimes the audience doesn't understand and made it fun for everyone.

All in all - Liberty Swing stands on its own with great social dancing, great competitive dancing, opportunities for amateurs and professionals to interact, excellent location, accommodating core staff, and a positive event director.

Our SwingShoes West Coast Swing group from Connecticut

Connecticut West Coast Swing group at Liberty Swing 2013It was great to bring about 20 dancers from our Connecticut West Coast Swing community to Liberty Swing. Our group dinner was a special time for me because it was one of the few moments that I was able to be with almost everyone in our group. You see, at Liberty Swing, I'm crazy busy. I'm either competing in the Johnvitaional, judging or taking photographs of the event. Sometimes, being a dancer is so much more than just dancing. I hope that our group enjoyed their time at this memorable event.

Here are our placements

(please let me know if I need to add or update anything):

West Coast Swing - Jack & Jill - Newcomer

Sandrine Menoret - Prelims
Paula Thomes - Prelims
Chloe Demetrius - Prelims

West Coast Swing - Jack & Jill - Novice

Andrew Hayden - Prelims
Renee Charleton - Prelims
Harold Zuckerman - Semi-Finals
Chris Johnson - Semi-Finals
Daren Roeder - Semi-Finals

West Coast Swing - Jack & Jill - Advanced

Anna Novoa - Prelims

West Coast Swing - Strictly Swing - Novice

Diana Criscuolo and Wayne Burke - Prelims
Daren Roeder and Renee Charlton - Prelims
Andrew Hayden and Kristen Shaw - Finals

Pictures of Liberty Swing 2013

Nicola Royston and Robert Royston at Liberty Swing 2013I really enjoyed taking pictures at Liberty Swing 2013. I have posted 747 pictures of almost every division that I wasn't judging or dancing in. Pictures are available for purchase at on the site as prints, or as downloads. I hope you like them.

The pictures of Liberty Swing 2013 can be found here.