Swingin Into Spring 2013 - Group Results

swingin-into-springThanks to the 41 dancers that came together as part of the SwingShoes Group at Swingin Into Spring!

The 30 minute break between workshops is one of the best things I've seen at an event. It allows for people to review what they learned, ask the instructor a question and still get to the next workshop in time.

This event is also a great way to bring the entire Connecticut West Coast Swing (and some Hustle) community together. It's this camaraderie and synergy which is so important to the social fabric of any good dance environment.

Best of all, Swingin into Spring allows local dancers to dance in the Jack & Jills (random partnerships) and the Striclty Swings (with your partner) in a comfortable and positive environment. Congratulations to all who had the courage to compete in the Jack & Jills or Strictly Swing divisions.

*If you were part of our group and would like to be mentioned (and are not on this list), please send an email to me and I will update this list.

Swingin Into Spring Pictures

Group picture at Swingin Into Spring in Hartford, CT

Sometimes I think there's more than one of me. There's Erik the instructor, the judge, the group organizer, the cheerleader, the performer and... the photographer. I was able to take pictures of almost all the preliminary and semi-final rounds. However, I was judging during the finals and was unable to simultaneously take pictures (I'm working on that).

Special thanks to Jun Ogata for taking a group picture (above) where I'm actually in it.

Here are all the pictures of Swingin Into Spring.

Jack & Jill Results

Newcomer Jack & Jil

Renee Charlton in West Coast Swing Newcomer Jack and Jill Prelims at Swingin Into SpringRenee Charlton - 1st Place
Daren Roeder - 4th Place
Al Deluca - Finalist
Sandrine Menoret - 1st Alternate
Ed Blum - Prelims

Novice Jack & Jill

Andrew Hayden - SemiFinalist
Harold Zuckman - 1st Alternate for SemiFinals

Intermediate Jack & Jill

Darren Roeder dancing West Coast Swing Newcomer Jack and Jill at Swingin Into SpringAnna Reguero - Prelims

Advanced Jack & Jill

Anna Novoa - Finalist

Strictly Swing

Novice Strictly Swing

Andrew Hayden and Kristen Shaw - 5th Place
Sandrine Menoret and Chris Vartulli - 9th Place

Open Strictly Swing


Our Group Dinner

Our group dinner was a fun and bonding experience. We had 30 people at Vito's By The Park socializing and getting to know each other a little more than just dancing. Thank you for being a part of a special evening.

SwingShoes Group Dinner at Swingin Into Spring - Table 2

SwingShoes Group Dinner at Swingin Into Spring - Table 3

 SwingShoes Group Dinner at Swingin Into Spring - Table 1