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2010 - Year in Review

2010 Year in ReviewThe Competitive Crew:

2010 saw the start of the competitive crew. It was my way to prepare of some members of our group the spring-time events. We started with a modified ballet barre for warm-up, did some jazz across-the-floors to dance away the inhibitions, and ended with some West Coast Swing drills.

July Show:

26 dancers participated in the Hustle & West Coast Swing Medley at the Crystal Theater in Norwalk, CT. That's a real achievement. Most people don't have any idea what type of preparation, dedication and sheer cajones it takes to step on stage and give it your best shot. I'm so proud of the people who stepped up to the plate.

Guest Instructors:

Guest instructors included (in order of appearance): Steve Neeren, Billy Fajardo & Katie Marlow, Maria Torres, Jennifer Lyons, Anthony DeRosa, Bill Cameron, and Deborah Szekely. It's truly amazing how much information can be given about dance. These guest instructors care about dance with every fiber of their soul. I am very lucky to know them and be able to arrange for them to teach to our community.

Teaching a lot!!:

We taught in CT, MA, NY, VT, RI, OH, VA, FL (including The Dalton School in NYC and Oberlin College in OH); choreographed and performed new routines in both WCSwing and Hustle and guided workshops in musicality, syncopations, technique and fun moves. We personally met over 400 new dancers this year alone and we performed in front of at least 1200 people at just the NY Salsa Congress.

What's coming in 2011?:

More workshops:

I've been dying to teach a Ballet/Tap/Jazz. I can't begin to tell you how important each of these elements are to partner dancing and how they can help your overall understanding of dance. Many of the best dancers in the world had exposure to these basic forms of dance – why wouldn't you want to be better? I'm also looking forward to teaching workshops in connection technique, more musicality and turn-technique.

More guest instructors:

I really do believe that exposing dancers to many different teachers is part of the secret to success. Sometimes you just have to hear information a different way or from a different person for things to click.

More guest DJs:

I really love dancing to other people's music. As much as I like to own the night, I'd rather let someone guide the party. I hope you do too.

More dancers:

I've got some tricks up my sleeve but I'm gonna need your help. It's time to expose people to dances like Hustle and West Coast Swing and show them how are dance community rocks! Stay tuned!