Swingin Into Spring 2012 - Group Results

swingin-into-springThank you to everyone who was a part of our SwingShoes Group! We had a great time dancing with you, getting to know each other better and guiding you on your journey into dance.

Congratulations to all who had the courage to compete in the Jack & Jills or Strictly Swing divisions.

*If you would like to be mentioned (and are not on this list), please send an email to me and I will update this list.

Jack & Jill Results

Newcomer Jack & JillSwingShoes Group Finalists at Swingin Into Spring 2012SwingShoes Group Jack & Jill Placement winners at Swingin Into Spring 2012 (missing Mark Hennessy)

Harold Zuckerman - 2nd Place
Kristen Shaw - 3rd Place
Andrew Hayden - 4th Place
Al Deluca - Finals
Jane Angelica - Finals
Ligia Arteaga - Prelims
Daren Roeder - Prelims

Novice Jack & Jill

Mark Hennessy - 5th Place
Cindy Clark - Prelims
Victoria Rober - Prelims
Janet Bergamo - Prelims
Kathy Johanessen - Prelims

Intermediate Jack & Jill

Anna Novoa - 1st Place

SwingShoes Group is #1Special thanks to Harold for the #1 Fingers!!!

Advanced Jack & Jill

Kim Brolet - 2nd Place

Strictly Swing

Novice Strictly Swing

Chris Johnson & Janet Bergamo - 4th Place
Mark Hennessy & Ligia Arteaga - 6th Place

Open Strictly Swing

Erik & Anna Novoa - 3rd Place
Gerry Morris & Kim Brolet - 4th Place


Our Group Dinner

Our group dinner was really wonderful. We had 39 people at Vito's By The Park socializing and getting to know each other a little more than just dancing. Thank you for being a part of a special evening.

Ruth Deluca, Al Deluca, Sandy Blum and Ed Blum Doug Holaday, Debbie Sarfty, Yvonne, Debbie Olson Kay, Sharon Cloutier, Kathy Johanessen Dave Larson, Renuka Kumar, Alex Yu,
Bobby Nieto, Eva Fontaine, Jay Couillard Mary Holaday, Diana Crisculo, Renee Nieto Andrew Hayden, Victoria Rose, Kristen Shaw Darren Roeder, Kim Brolet, Janet Bergamo, Anna Novoa
Doug Davis, Mark Hennessy, Gloria, Harold Zuckerman, Ligia Arteaga