Showcase 2012 is underway

West Coast Swing & Hustle ShowcaseOur West Coast Swing and Hustle Showcase 2012 choreography is well underway. Our journey will take us to the New York City stage of the Ailey Citigroup Theater. We started our choreography July with the "unveiling" of the song, a version of the top song Call Me Maybe. Although the original version is by Carly Rae Jepson, we are using a disco remix by Nicholas Wells.

Anna and I were so excited to use this version of the song. We had even considered using the song for ourselves but quickly realized how perfect it would be as a group number.

It started in July

Our first classes in July were very exciting. Hustle was able to run the initial part of the routine at tempo during the very first class. West Coast Swing had a challenge because their choreography was non-looping and one of the most detailed that we've done in recent memory.

Full-cast rehearsals

After four weeks of learning the choreography, our students had their first Monday full-cast rehearsal. I must say, everyone did great. I started to see some real dedication to the process too. Although the choreography was still a little raw, many parts were beginning to take shape. It also seems that many people were watching the review videos that were posted during the last week of July. The extra effort by cast members will really bring this performance to life.

Our next Monday rehearsal is tomorrow.  There is plenty of blocking left to do.  That means that partnerships will be finalized so that people can solidify the nuances of the choreography.

Tickets Available & Cast Party

Tickets are in already being sold. The After-Party is already planned. These final weeks of rehearsal are going to produce something amazing!