Boston Tea Party 2012 - Group Results

Boston Tea Party logoCongratulations to all those who had the courage to compete in the Jack & Jill or Strictly Swing divisions.

*If you would like to be listed (and are not on this list), please send an email to me and I will update this list.

Jack & Jill Results

SwingShoes Group at Boston Tea Party 2012Newcomer Jack & Jill

Jesse Fatherree & Nicole Zuckerman (Harold's daughter) - 7th Place
Jane Angelica - 2nd Alternate
Daren Roeder - Semi-Finals
Andrew Hayden - Semi-Finals
Ryan Broadbin - Semi-Finals
Al Deluca - Semi-Finals
Harold Zuckerman - Semi-Finals
Ligia Arteaga - Prelims

Novice Jack & Jill

Alfredo Melendez & Taryn Brandt - 2nd Place
Mark Hennessy - Semi-Finals
Chris Johnson - Semi-Finals
Bobby Jacke - 1st Alternate
Cindy Clark - Prelims
Victoria Rober - Prelims
Janet Bergamo - Prelims
Kathy Johanessen - Prelims

Intermediate Jack & Jill

Sean Ryan & Anna Novoa - 5th Place
Charity Miller - Prelims

Advanced Jack & Jill

Ewan Dupre & Kim Brolet - 3rd Place
Josh MacDonald - Prelims

All-Star Jack & Jill

Erik Novoa & Laura Christopherson - 4th Place

Strictly Swing

Open Strictly Swing

Erik & Anna Novoa - 3rd Place
Alfredo Melendez & Eileen O'Brian - Prelims