SwingShoes Video Social Bingo on April 30, 2020

On Thursday, April 30, 2020, we added a new element to our video social, a game of West Coast Swing Bingo. I have to give credit to Janice Frank, who suggested the idea and created the bingo boards. Janice called me to ask about the names of different West Coast Swing moves. I suggested moves like the lariat, progressive tuck turn, head loop, and basket. Once Janice had 24 moves, she was able to print randomized cards. 

Who knew that Bingo is Fun?

West Coast Swing Bingo sample card graphic

I have to admit that when Janice first suggested West Coast Swing Bingo, I almost nixed the idea thinking that it was too silly. However, once bingo night was announced in the April 27th newsletter, students started asking for their bingo boards. I even received emails from dancers from other states. 

Who Won and What was the Prize?

swingshoes sailboat prize for bingo 

West Coast Swing Bingo was so much fun. It was fun to hear how some students didn't know some of the moves that I had listed. It seems like I'll have to teach moves like the bow and arrow and the strong man whip. After about 10 selections, we had two winners got bing. The winners were Anne Humphrey and Terry Spina, and they had to share the grand prizeā€”the SwingShoes Sailboat. I mean, a picture of the SwingShoes Sailboat. 

What's Next?

During our first game of West Coast Swing Bingo, we only played until someone obtained 5 moves in any direction. Perhaps this week, we can play the traditional method as well as various side bets, including the 4 corners, the perimeter, and the "X." I'm excited to see who will win.