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For the first time in my dance career, I am sick and need to postpone West Coast Swing for Thursday, May 23, 2019.

Join us next Thursday, May 30, for guest DJ Steve Neeren, and graduation and birthday celebrations!

Blog Updates for West Coast Swing and Hustle

2012 Year in Review

 2012-In-Review-150px2012 was a year full of growth and good times for Hustle and West Coast Swing. We explored new teaching locations and met many new dancers. Our community fun times are extremely memorable and are all interwoven into our dance experience.

We had a great time choreographing new routines to some of the most popular tunes on the radio and on the West Coast Swing circuit. We ended up using one of those songs as part of our now-famous Showcase at the Ailey Citigroup Theater. 

We also hosted an amazing and very well-attended New Year's Eve event. 

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Happy 35th Anniversary to Doug & Mary

Doug & Mary Holaday - Connecitcut West Coast Swing Performance Group at Alvin Ailey Ciitgroup TheaterDoug and Mary Holaday have been dancing Hustle and West Coast Swing with us for over 7 years. During that time they have been a part of our shows at the Crystal Theater in Norwalk and The Ailey Citigroup Theater in New York City. They have been a main part of our Connecticut Dance Community.

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Swingin New England 2012 - Review and Placements

Swingin-New-England-logoSwingin New England is one of the classic, great West Coast Swing events in the Northeast region. It has been around for 15 years and continues to be a warm, welcoming event for newcomers and professionals alike. Because it is so friendly, it was a great place for almost 30 dancers of our West Coast Swing community to attend together. Our fun times included many finalists and placements in the Strictly Swings, Jack & Jills and crazy Bookends divisions; an awesome group dinner and lots of late-night social dancing.


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West Coast Swing to Gangnam Style

PSY - Gangnam StyleThis month, Anna and I wanted to choreograph our West Coast Swing advanced dance class in Norwalk to a really fun piece. There are times when we want to choreograph to Blues or R&B to bring out the essence of Swing, but this month we wanted to be more carefree.

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Swing Niagara 2012 - Review and Placements

Swing NiagaraSwing Niagara was a great event. There were people from Canada (Toronto and Montreal), Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh) and, of course, upstate New York. It covered a base for many people who love to dance but generally have to travel to the Boston, Chicago or New York City area to attend a good-sized event.

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Showcase 2012 Reviews

 From the Examiner.com:

The most endearing award goes to Novoa’s “West Coast Swing & Hustle Showcase” which spun off the comedy and undeniable popularity of the song “Call Me Maybe.”

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 From Kat Wildish (the Producer):

I trust and believe in you and what you do!!!

Thank you for stealing the show with that special sarcasm & attention to detail that touches everyone in that dance place...


The Last Show

Showcase 2012 - So Call Me MaybeThe final performance is where you see the final result of all the hard work. At this point, the cast did not have to worry about rehearsals, they knew the dimensions of the real stage, they had felt the energy of different audiences. Now, it would be about hitting it out of the park.

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The Matinee

Showcase 2012 - Matinee performanceMany of our dancers stayed in New York City at after their premier performance and cast party on Saturday night. Some stayed in midtown hotels, as we did, others stayed with friends or family. Fortunately, our call on Sunday wasn't until 2pm so there wouldn't be a rush in the morning to get to the theater for our matinee performance.

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Opening Night Cast Party

Kristen, Anna, KimAfter our first amazing performance. I barely had time to celebrate with the cast back stage. I changed back into civilian clothes and ran to set up the final aspects for our opening night cast-party, not just for our group but for the entire company.

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The First Performance

Ailey Citigroup TheaterThis was our first time participating in all three performances at the Ailey Citigroup Theater for Kat Wildish's Performing in New York Showcase. Last year, the weekend of the show was canceled because of hurricane Irene. We only were able to perform for one of the rescheduled performances. This year, we made it through all three performances in great style.

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Final Rehearsals for Showcase 2012

20120823 - Erik Choreographing BowsOur final rehearsals were a lot of work. Time was up! We were no longer focused on actual choreography as much as we were focused on running the piece ad nauseum so that all blocking issues could be smoothed out.

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