I have the pleasure and honor of having been accepted to Fairfield University's program in American Studies. I am excited about all the new possibilities that attaining a Master's degree will create. This degree will help me augment my knowledge of and fascination with the dances (West Coast Swing and Hustle) and music I love and the history behind them.

Brandeis University B.A. in History of Ideas

Many people do not know that I graduated from Brandeis University with a B.A. in History of Ideas. This subset of History was a more holistic approach to understanding how different aspects of History overlap. My senior year independent study in 1995 was on the social influence of the telephone from 1876 to 1940. It was a fascinating experience to understand how sociology and technology were interwoven and how the early intended use of the telephone was entirely different from what it became. The iphone wasn't even a concept when I graduated.

Academically studying West Coast Swing and Hustle

My entry to Fairfield University comes from a desire to academically explore different aspects of West Coast Swing and Hustle and how they are interwoven into the American cultural experience. I have found that there is much need for historical knowledge of this subject. Some people have already done good research about these topics while others misrepresent it entirely. I look forward to creating an academically sound scaffold from which more information can be developed.

After over 27 years of dancing, a major in History of Ideas, attaining multiple national titles, teaching thousands of people about dance, starting a dance business, and developing a dance community, it's time to add an additional line to the résumé of life. I'm hoping this next chapter develops my understand of the dances and music that I love and allows me to pass that knowledge along to others who want to have a deeper experience in West Coast Swing and Hustle.