Dance Review

Swingin' Into Spring 2015

We had a great time at Swingin' Into Spring 2015! Event director, Ken Mercik, did an excellent job at creating a great learning environment for the local West Coast Swing community. We had a good group of dancers from our Norwalk, CT West Coast Swing classes. We had a mix of regulars who had attended this event before and new dancers who made this their first event. I try to encourage our students to attend this event because of its beginner-friendly staff, its leveled workshops, and its close proximity. As I've said before, you'd have to be crazy not to attend this event.

We had a wonderful time at Boston Tea Party 2015. This combination of West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop is an experience not to be missed. New event directors, Nanette and Amy, did a great job of keeping Dan Mezrich's legacy alive.

The Crossover Jack and Jill

There aren't enough words to describe the conceptual beauty of the Crossover Jack & Jill. Top-level WCS leaders dancing with top-level Lindy followers and top-level Lindy leaders dancing with top-level WCS followers - dancing to both Lindy and WCS music. Can they make it work? Is it truly, "all swing"?

Swingin New England 2014 - Review, Placements, and Pictures

SNE-Logo-300x146So what makes the best dance event for you? Is it the social dancing, the competition, the time with friends, the lights, the sound system, or the floor?

I’ve been on the competitive circuit for the last 16 years. Although I've attended events throughout the United States, the majority of the dance events I have attended have been on the east coast. I have fallen in love with small, first time events and have been in awe of big, well established events. I have traveled to events by myself, with dance partners, with friends, with girlfriends, and with my wife. I have been in the Novice division and I have been in the Invitational division. So, after a decade and a half of attending events, it was hard to say what makes an event the best…until last weekend.

Liberty Swing 2014 Review and Placements

Liberty Swing 2014 Opening Show

Liberty Swing 2014 was an awesome competitive and social event for the New York City area. This event is the major West Coast Swing occasion of the year for the metropolitan area. It stars a Champion level teaching staff and extended top-level pros from all over the United States.

Swingin Into Spring 2014 - Review and Placements

swingin-into-springSwingin Into Spring was an exciting event! If your spending time and energy learning West Coast Swing or Hustle in the Connecticut area, you’d would have been crazy to miss this Hartford-located event.

Event director, Ken Mercik, brought together regional instructors and national champions to create a great learning environment for newcomers and serious dancers.

This event is easily the most convenient, best bang-for-your buck, highly social event for our West Coast Swing and Hustle group from Connecticut.

Western CT Outdoor Adventurer Dance Party Was Fun

Western-CT-Outdoor-AdventurersLast Saturday, February 22, 2014, we hosted our 3rd Western CT Outdoor Adventurer Dance Party. It was a really fun time that was attended by people from our Hustle and West Coast Swing dance community and the Western Connecticut Outdoor Adventurer (WCOA) Meetup group.

John PorterWe are thankful that people like John Porter, who is a Hustle and West Coast Swing dancer and also a leading member of the WCOA group, look to us to help co-produce a great social environment where people can mingle, learn a fun dance, and party.

Swingin New England 2013 logo

Swingin New England 2013 - Review and Placements

Swingin New England celebrated their 15th anniversary with good vibes from the event directors that embraced a ballroom full of dancers. It’s these good vibes which become the “Magic Sauce” of this event.

Vermont Swing Dance Championships Review, Placements and Pictures

Vermont Swing Dance ChampionshipsThe Vermont Swing Dance Championships were a blast!  From it's scenic vistas to it's cozy feel, this event is a friendly place to be as summer transitions to autumn. But don't be lulled by the crisp fall air, VT Swing has plenty of good competitions and late-night dancing for everyone.

Swing Fling 2013 - Review and Placements

Swing FlingIf you ever wanted to feel like a rock-star dancer during the summer of 2013, Swing Fling fulfilled your dream. This event, hosted by the same event director as MADjam, takes the dance experience to new sensory level. We had an amazing time dancing in the Jack & Jills, teaching workshops and performing "Take It Off" in one of the best shows produced in recent memory.

Liberty Swing 2013 - Group Results and Review

Liberty SwingWow! Talk about an awesome weekend of West Coast Swing in the New York City tri-state area! Liberty Swing is easily the most prominent West Coast Swing dance event in the upper Northeast region. During the weekend, I was incredibly active: I participated with our West Coast Swing group from Connecticut, judged multiple divisions of Jack and Jills and Strictly Swings, taught in the "A Better You" tune up, danced in the Pro-Am Jack & Jill, competed in the Pro Strictly Swing and Johnvitational, and photographed just about everything else.