Swingin' Into Spring 2015

We had a great time at Swingin' Into Spring 2015! Event director, Ken Mercik, did an excellent job at creating a great learning environment for the local West Coast Swing community. We had a good group of dancers from our Norwalk, CT West Coast Swing classes. We had a mix of regulars who had attended this event before and new dancers who made this their first event. I try to encourage our students to attend this event because of its beginner-friendly staff, its leveled workshops, and its close proximity. As I've said before, you'd have to be crazy not to attend this event.


Charlotte's 1st Swingin' Into Spring?

Teaching Hustle at Swingin Into Spring 2015

Last year's Swingin' Into Spring was our last event before Charlotte's arrival. We still show the video of Anna and me doing the instructor demonstration when Anna was 9 months pregnant to friends and family. We were very proud that we were able to dance together (as a family).

This year, Charlotte was an attendee, helping us in each of our classes. And when it came time for the instructor's demonstration, she fell into a deep sleep in the DJ area just prior. For us, Charlotte will be an integral part of our Swingin' Into Spring experience. Perhaps this was Charlotte's second Swingin' Into Spring.

Pictures of Swingin' Into Spring 2015

SwingShoes Group at Swingin' Into Spring 2015

There are over 300 pictures of Swingin Into Spring 2015 that made the final cut. Every division that I did not judge was photographed. I hope I captured a good dance of yours.

If you like the pictures of Swingin' Into Spring 2015, you may purchase them directly from the website.

Group Placements

Andrew Haydent 1st Place at Swingin' Into Spring 2015

Amy Garcia 2nd Place at Swingin' Into Spring 2015Novice Jack & Jill

Amy Garcia - 2nd Place
Daren Roeder - Semi-Finals
Sandrine Menoret - Prelims

Intermediate Jack & Jill

Andrew Hayden - 1st Place
Chris Johnson - 5th Place

Novice Strictly Swing

Daren Roeder - 5th Place

Intermediate Strictly Swing

Andrew Hayden - 1st Place

Let me know if I missed anyone from our group.