West Coast Swing in Norwalk, CT on Sept 3, 2015

Our West Coast Swing classes in Norwalk, CT are still growing. Our Week 1 class on Thursday, September 3, 2015 was attended by 37 dancers, of which 13 were newcomers to West Coast Swing. Our regular dancers attend the beginner class to continuously improve their basic knowledge (a true dancer never graduates from a beginner class) and to warm up for the Intermediate/Advanced class afterwards.

The Dance Perspective

From a dance perspective, these large West Coast Swing beginner classes allow newcomer dancers the opportunity to dance with beginner dancers who are already familiar with some of the basic movements and concepts of the dance. It gives the new dancer the ability to learn through "social-dance-transfer" (I made this term up). It also gives the established dancer a way to refine their technique leading/following others of various abilities.

The Social Perspective

From the social perspective, the large West Coast Swing classes maximize dancers social interaction through class rotation. New faces, new energy, and different social dynamics tend to bring out the best in everyone. At its best, a flourishing community is created.

West Coast Swing in CT on Sept 2015

Renee and Amy dancing West Coast Swing in Norwalk, CT on Sept 3, 2015

West Coast Swing advanced class in Norwalk, CT on Sept 3, 2015and 1 pictures of the Advanced West Coast Swing Class