West Coast Swing in Norwalk, CT on August 6, 2015

Our West Coast Swing beginner class in Norwalk, CT on August 6 had the largest attendance of 2015. With 34 dancers, this might be largest beginner series in Connecticut. We have dancers coming from near (Norwalk, CT) and far (Chappaqua, NY) just to be a part of the great community of dancers that supports our weekly Thursday classes and parties in Norwalk, CT.

Fun Class

It's very special when a beginner class is so well attended. The combination of newcomers and regulars creates a vibrant energy. This energy inspires the newcomers who are sometimes timid in their first attempts trying West Coast Swing. The energy also excites the regulars who feel that they are able to begin to share their knowledge of the dance. The mix of newcomers and regulars allows for the fun-factor to rise to the surface of the West Coast Swing class.


Words can only do so much to describe a well attended class. Most studios would be reluctant to photograph their class because it could reveal marginal attendance, or an imbalance of leaders and followers. The following pictures show a constantly growing community of new and regular dancers. Personally, I'm excited to have a picture of the first class of many of our new dancers. Who knows what will result of their West Coast Swing journey, but we have a picture of when it began.

West Coast Swing CT on Aug 6, 2015

West Coast Swing CT August 6, 2015 - 2

West Coast Swing CT on August 6, 2015

West Coast Swing CT on August 6, 2015

West Coast Swing CT on August 6, 2015

West Coast Swing on August 6, 2015