Dance Events

Dance Events

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9:00pm - West Coast Swing Dance Only

Use this if only coming to the dance.


Micro-Rhythms, Connection, and Starter Steps

6:00-9:30pm - Micro-Rhythms, Connection, and Starter Steps for West Coast Swing

9:30pm - West Coast Swing Party

$60.00  $50.00

WCS Party Only (on January 25, 2020)

9:30pm - West Coast Swing Dance

$15.00  $10.00

Hustle (Beg I)

Learn Hustle from the very beginning. This workshop will start with the basic steps and rhythm of the dance. 


Hustle (Beg II)

This workshop will continue where Beg I left off. By the end of this workshop, students will be able to dance the basic patterns of Hustle and will start to be able to social dance.


Hustle (Int)

This workshop is for intermediate dancers who are already able to sustain a social dance. This class will utilize wraps, shadows, and turn patterns to develop better technique and expand vocabulary.