Dance Events

Dance Events

Dance events are some of the best ways to meet new people and get great dance knowledge on a large scale. 

There are different types of dance events:

The Local Dance

This is basically a night out dancing. Sometimes a workshop is provided prior to the dance. Attendance can range between 20-100 people. 

Benefit: Generally affordable ($10-30), simple format, 2-4 hours of social dancing.

The Workshop Event

This type of event features multiple workshops are presented by local or guest instructors during the afternoon with a dance party in the evening. These can either be intimate in attendance (10-40 people) or large (30-150 people).

Benefit: Good economic value ($20-100), Good amount of dance education (2-4 hours), 2-4 hours of social dancing.

The Dance Event Weekend

This type of event is usually held over multiple days with many guest instructors in various rooms. Attendance ranges from 100-1500 people. There are workshops going on from 10am until 4pm (sometimes later). Social dancing is generally possible throughout the entire day, some competitions happen in the afternoon and evening with social dancing in between events. Late night social dancing frequently starts around 11pm and goes until 6am.

Benefits: Best venue for dance education (10-12 hours), 20-30 hours of social dancing, many people with whom to dance. Pricing varies from $60 for a day pass to $500 for all-inclusive passes).

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Hustle 4-Week Series for Beginners starting Dec 5

This Hustle 4-week series will teach you how to dance Hustle from the very beginning and have you ready to start social dancing by its conclusion. 

$80.00  $70.00

Hustle 4-Week Series for Intermediates starting Dec 5

This Hustle 4-week series for Intermediates will expand how to dance Hustle using creative movement and challenging pattern. Intermediate dancers must take both the Beginner and Intermediate classes to reinforce their basics. 

$160.00  $140.00