Music, It's a Matter of Trust (Market Street)

Music to gain trust“We know that music affects people’s behavior, their moods, their emotions,” Gefen says. “The reason happy music is played 
in the supermarket is so people buy more. The reason that you go into an elevator and hear soft music is because you are entering a claustrophobic metal box that can plunge you to your death. It’s not for entertainment; it’s to calm you down.

It’s been said that the best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them. But according to David Gefen, an MIS professor at LeBow, playing music can help; it just depends on the tune.

Erik says: It seems intuitive that music affects our emotions and our state of mind. Recent studies are confirming these feelings. What is not obvious is how music is used to manipulate our brain chemistry, thoughts and desires. Advirtisers have been using music for years. I'm sure that good dancers are able to tap into their emotional state (driven by the music) to connect and build trust with their partners to create a good, emotionally-connected dance.

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