For the month of April 2023, I used a student-centered learning model for our intermediate West Coast Swing class in Norwalk, CT. I asked the students to submit a section of a video clip that they liked from YouTube. I found this method of learning very effective because it revealed the types of movements, patterns, and styling in which students were interested. I guided the classes through learning the structure of the patterns, technique, and styling used by the dancers in the submitted videos. I am looking forward to continuing to explore the submissions from our students in May also.  Here are some of the submissions that we worked on in April.

Submission from Janice Frank


0:33 - 0:50

Submission from Susan Forrester

Jordan Frisbee & Torri Smith Zzaoui - 1st place Champions Strictly Finals - The Open 2019


Submission from Carlo Greco

Ben Morris & Karla Anita Catana - Swing Dracula 2019 Invitational Jack & Jill - West Coast Swing

3:27 - 3:31

Submission from Elizabeth Defreitas

Austin Kois & Kathleen Sun @ 916 Swing (2/28/23)

1:10 to 1:28

 Submission from Connor Leemhuis

Léo Lorenzo & Mia Primavera - 1st place All-Stars Jack&Jill Finals - The After Party 2022


Submission from Joel Gaytan

Ben O'neal & Alexandra Branco - 3rd place All-Stars Jack&Jill Finals - The After Party 2022

1:05 - 1:20