Frequently, students are presented with the conundrum: should they focus their learning with one main instructor or many different instructors. This post is about considering which approach might be right for you. 

Learning West Coast Swing from a main instructor

Taking West Coast Swing lessons from a main instructor can provide several benefits for your learning. Firstly, a main instructor is likely to have a well-developed and structured curriculum that can help you progress in a logical and structured way. They may have a syllabus that covers different aspects of the dance, such as technique, musicality, and improvisation, and can guide you through each of these areas to ensure you have a well-rounded understanding of the dance.

Secondly, a main instructor can provide consistent feedback on your progress and help you identify areas for improvement. They may also be able to tailor their teaching to your individual learning style and pace, which can help you learn more effectively and efficiently.

Thirdly, a main instructor can provide a sense of continuity and stability in your learning. By working with the same instructor over a longer period of time, you can develop a rapport and trust, and may feel more comfortable asking questions and seeking feedback. This can create a supportive and encouraging learning environment, which can help you stay motivated and engaged in your West Coast Swing journey.

Overall, working with a main instructor can provide structure, consistency, and personalized feedback, which can help you develop a strong foundation in West Coast Swing and progress to higher levels of proficiency.

Learning West Coast Swing from a many different instructors

Taking West Coast Swing lessons from different instructors can greatly enhance your learning experience by exposing you to different teaching styles, techniques, and perspectives. Each instructor has their own unique approach to teaching and may emphasize different aspects of the dance, which can broaden your understanding and help you develop a more well-rounded skill set.

Working with different instructors can also help you identify and overcome any bad habits or limitations you may have developed from only learning from one perspective. You may discover new ways of executing moves or different methods for leading or following that you hadn't considered before.

Moreover, learning from multiple instructors can help you build a network within the West Coast Swing community. You can attend events, classes, and workshops with different instructors, and develop relationships with other students who share your passion for dancing. These connections can offer additional opportunities for growth and learning, as well as provide a support system as you progress on your West Coast Swing journey.

What's right for you? 

Learning is very individualistic because everyone learns differently. Often times, beginner dancers find safety and comfort learning from one instructor and getting to know the community that supports that learning environment. However, students often find that taking classes or workshops with other instructions helps them learn. Sometimes a new instructor will provide the exact same content but use different words or approaches that resonate with the student. Many times, the student's main instructor has provided the scaffold from which new approaches to this same information can attach. More importantly, by diversifying your teachers, a student can find what they don't like. For example, some teachers explain a lot, some teachers only use rhythmic terminology, and some teachers don't rotate a lot. Some students may love those methods and some students might be aggravated by those teaching styles. What is important, is that the student finds the teacher(s) that continuously piques their interest, inspires them to fill their potential, and represents all the fun that West Coast Swing can be. There isn't a right answer except the one that's right for you—and that answer may evolve as your dance knowledge grows.