Connecticut West Coast Swing Dancers at Millenium Jam in New York City(Back row: Bill B, Janice F, Collin Z. Front row: Paul O, Lynda W, Elizabeth R, Erik N, Christine M.)

On Saturday, August 10, some of the members of our dance community went out dancing in New York City. While this has happened many times before, this time was special because it would be Collin's first New York City West Coast Swing adventure. While dancing with people you know is comforting, going to a new environment to dance can a little daunting. Just going to New York can be a challenge: how am I getting there; where am I going; will I know anyone there; how do I get home safely? These are many of the questions that go through one's mind when venturing out of one's comfort zone. That's why it was so important when dancers, who had already gone dancing in New York City, asked Collin if he would join them. When I heard that Collin had accepted the invitation to venture into the "urban jungle," I couldn't help but want to go, too. 

Although I took the 7pm Metro North train to New York City, Collin and other dancers were already in New York and were preparing to have dinner together. I arrived to Millennium Dance Jam at Club 412 a little after 9pm, while the dance was underway. Club 412 is located at You Should Be Dancing at 412 Eighth Avenue (between 30-31st Streets). Millennium Dance Jam features three rooms of dancing, West Coast Swing, Hustle, and Ballroom. When I entered the West Coast Swing room, I spotted Connecticut dancers. When I looked on the dance floor, Collin was already dancing. In fact, Collin was on the dance floor more than some of the others from CT. Once I put my shoes on, I was able to dance with people from the New York City community as well as some of the people from Connecticut. 

Around 11pm, the Connecticut dancers realized that it was time to start packing up. Some dancers were driving back and others were going back to Metro North. I was lucky enough to join Collin on Metro North. He seemed like he had a fun time. I was glad he went. We enjoyed the the rocking "cradle" of Metro North's journey home. 

Erik Novoa and Collin Z asleep on Metro North after West Coast Swing in New York City(Background sleeper: Collin Z. Foreground sleeper: Erik N. Stealth photographer: Janice F.)