Valentine's West Coast Swing Dance in Norwalk, CT

Yesterday, we had a really fun Valentine’s West Coast Swing night in Norwalk, CT. There were about 35 dancers and I taught a beginner and intermediate class. In the beginner class we focused on Sugar Pushes, Right Passes, Left Passes, and Whips. The intermediate class focused on the follower’s inside turn, becoming comfortable with using basic moves to get to closed position, and head loops. This class was centered around training the leaders to utilize closed position to create connection and empathy with their followers, and it gave the followers an opportunity to create a moment when they resolved the movement in open position. 

I really enjoyed all the decorations that were incorporated for Valentine’s Day. Over the years, I have generally shied away from decorating the studio for holidays. The primary reason was because I often felt too busy to obtain decorations and install them. It added to sense of pressure that I tend to avoid. However, this year, one of our dancers, Janice offered to help. She purchased decorations, created a simple plan for some items that I have used for Dancing New Year’s Eve CT, and arrived early to studio to make it festive. The result was very fulfilling. With Janice’s vision and minor time commitment, the studio was transformed into a Valentine’s Day environment. 

Here are some pictures of our Valentine’s West Coast Swing night. 

Dancers at Valentine's West Coast Swing 2019 in Norwalk, CT