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November 2015 Week 1 of Salsa, Hustle, and West Coast Swing Was Great

West Coast Swing at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk, CT on November 2015

We had an excellent set of Week 1 classes for Salsa, Hustle, and West Coast Swing in Norwalk, CT. We had newcomers in all 3 of these dances and continue to have over 30 people in our beginner West Coast Swing class.

What Did We Do

Our first Salsa class of the fall season developed the basic rhythm and footwork of the most elemental patterns. Our Hustle class gave students the different types of break steps, hesitation steps, wheels, cross bodies, and open throw-outs. The intermediate Hustle class started on a new combination to improve students' technique and increase their vocabulary. The beginner West Coast Swing class was packed with over 30 people. It was so much fun watching them learn Sugar Pushes, Right Passes, and Left Passes. The intermediate West Coast Swing class is learning moves that we will incorporate into a routine next month. It should be a fantastic month for all three dances and a perfect preparation for Dancing New Year's Eve CT.

Packed Fall Schedule & Swingin' New England

This fall's schedule is jam packed for me. Monday Salsa, Tuesday Hustle, Wednesday American Studies at Fairfield University, Thursday West Coast Swing, and Saturday private lessons really keeps me dancing almost all week. This week the schedule even includes a three-day dance event, Swingin' New England.

This event is the highlight of the fall season because it brings the regional dance community together. Nationally ranked competitors, local instructors, and West Coast Swing enthusiasts attend this event for its workshops, late-night dancing, and fun-friendly atmosphere.

6th Annual Thanksgiving Party

And all these dances and dance events are a great prelude to our 6th annual Thanksgiving West Coast Swing Party. This evening combines the classes that are postponed because of Thanksgiving and our community dinner. It's always a great time to bring our dance community together. I see a number of people become life-long friends because of our dance classes. One of the reasons why this happens is because our regular classes are more than just a dance class - it's a community experience where people come together to learn and socialize. While many dance studios are trying to get their "piece of the pie" - they forget that it's about the knowledge of dance, love, and passion about the community.

More Pictures

And here are a few more pictures of last Thursday's West Coast Swing class in Norwalk, CT

West Coast Swing in Norwalk, CT
West Coast Swing at Dance Dimensions in Norwalk, CT on Nov 5, 2015

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