Dancing in CT in Autumn 2011

Fall changing leaves - changing activitiesAs the weather starts to cool off and the leaves begin to change, people are beginning to consider their fall and winter activities. During the summer, many people got to enjoy the beach, boating, going to local parks, picnics with friends and outside events. In the next few weeks that all changes.

In our preparation for the fall weather, many of us need to change our activities to keep a fun and healthy social life. If you live in Norwalk, Stamford or Fairfield area of Connecticut, you may want to consider partner dancing. Dances like West Coast Swing and Hustle are weather-proof, they make you feel good no matter what season it is.

At our West Coast Swing and Hustle evenings, people bring food, drinks are available and we have a good mix of singles as well as couples. There are people of almost every age group, from mid-20s to mid-60s. What most people come for is the good-natured social mix centered around good music and fun dancing.

Of course, learning West Coast Swing and Hustle is a journey. Neither dance is particularly difficult at the beginning but the desire to enjoy the nuances of great leading and following usually develops an individual passion for dance.

West Coast Swing Group PictureBefore the weather become so cold that you don't even want to go outside, perhaps it would be good to develop an indoor, social hobby (like dance) that might be indispensable during the holiday festivities.

Dances like West Coast Swing and Hustle can give you the top 5 things that everyone wants. As the weather changes, your activities will too. Make this fall season one that will change your life socially, physically, and mentally for the better.

A good place to start is our calendar of West Coast Swing & Hustle. If you need more information or encouragement about West Coast Swing or Hustle in your area, send an email to me (or call).