Jerry GregoryI started dancing in grammar school—I think my mother made me go. Fast forward to the rock n' roll era, jitterbug, the twist, etc. Going to weddings after college I always wanted to dance like the older folks watching them glide around the floor. After a stint in country line dancing and 2 step, I started into ballroom. Slipped in and out of dancing for some years and got serious about 6 years ago. About 3 yrs ago, I met a wonderful retiring teacher who introduced me to West Coast Swing and the Thursday night SwingShoes class. She’s made me a better dancer and a better partner. What could be better! Swingshoes is Great fun and great people. What’s better than dancing?

Born in West Haven, went to West Haven High. Lettered in soccer, hockey and tennis. Grew up eating pizza in the best (one of a kind) family restaurant in the World. Zuppardi’s; try it. Graduated from Clarkson with a BA in Accounting. Worked for Chevrolet Div. of GM. Joined the Army during Viet Nam, did duty state side, and discharged as a Staff Sargent. Left GM to join GTE, now Verizon, transferred to Tampa, Fla and eventually to Stamford, CT to work in college recruiting and doing financial development at their great training center in Norwalk, off Richards Ave. Retired from GTE and joined Tri Corp, an interactive business simulation organization which sent me all over the planet doing in-house training for Fortune 100 companies. Been to every continent except Antarctica and have the airport spoons to prove it.

I have 2 kids, a son in Sweden; a daughter in CT. Grand kids: 2 in Stockholm; 3 in CT. Love, in alphabetical order, dancing, fishing, golf.