10YearAnniversaryJanuary 2016 started very well: we had new people in our Salsa, Hustle, and West Coast Swing classes, and we completed our 4th annual Dancing New Year's Eve CT event in Stamford, CT. But, it was the celebration of teaching in Connecticut for 10 years that made the beginning of 2016 so sweet.

Some Memories

It all started in January 2006 at a small bar in Fairfield, CT, Al's Place, where we started a West Coast Swing community. Although Al's Place closed 6 months later, other locations helped create wonderful dancing memories: Black Bear Saloon, The Field, Temple Bar, Bradfords, The Palms, Rhythm, and Dance Dimensions.

Special Guest Instructors

During the years, we had many guest instructors that brought their talents to our dance community. We thank the following instructors: Robert Cordoba, Deborah Szekely, Billy Fajardo and Katie Marlow, Silvana Gallagher, Robert & Nicola Royston, Blake Hobby, John Festa, Stephen & Sonya White, Danny McGee and Jamison Kilburn, Steve Neeren, Jess Ann Nail, Nora Venne, and Anthony DeRosa.

Some of the Survivors

For a greater portion of the last decade, I have come to know some of the dancers very closely. They have been the core of the dance community. I am forever thankful for these people who have helped make our environment welcoming to many newcomers.
Doug and Mary Holaday
Ed & Sandy Blum
Sharon Cloutier
Susan Chen
Susan Wittmann
Doug Davis
James Reilly
Diana Criscuolo
Renne and Bobby Nieto
Al and Ruth Deluca

On To The Next Dance

Just because 10 years are now complete, doesn’t mean that the dance is over. I look forward to introduce new dancers to Salsa, Hustle, and West Coast Swing in the Connecticut area. I have found that dance helps develop social bonds and that music and dance continue to be social unifiers. I am excited to being a part of your dance journey.

Special thanks to John Festa for being a part of the 10 year anniversary celebrations. Special thanks to all those who attended.

West Coast Swing in Norwalk, CT on Jan 16, 2016 during the 10yr Anniversary Party