This has been a tough economic time for everyone. I believe that it sucks to lose your job due to corporate cutbacks; and it's even worse to lose your social circles because you lose the economic ability to fund a social activity.

Be kind to the Unemployeed - Dance Class discountFor this reason, I have decided to invite people to come to our weekly Tuesday-Hustle and Thursday-West Coast Swing classes and parties for FREE. That's right, no charge if you're unemployed. No cost for any of the classes, food or dances.

So if you're suffering this economy in an unemployed sort of way, then come out and dance.


You're not considered unemployed if you're:

  • Self-employed
  • Retired
  • Never been employed
  • A Student
  • Terminated for cause

*Basically, if you weren't able to collect unemployment - you're probably not what I would considered "unemployed". The spirit of this discount is to help people who have suffered directly from this economy.

In Return:

I've been asked by people enjoying this benefit if they owe me anything. The answer is yes!!

You owe:ยท

  • That you enjoy yourself.
  • That you arrive on time.
  • That you are willing to learn.
  • That you will dance with people.
  • and That you will be kind to others.

That's it! I don't need to see a letter from your company or some sort of proof. Your word is all I need...for if our word isn't good, then what friendship do we have?!

See you at the dance,