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Weekly Dance Classes in West Coast Swing

Weekly classes are the best way to learn a dance, meet new people, and start having fun.

The beginner class 4-week series begins during the first week of the month and are designed for newcomers. Most people take the beginner class for a few months until they are able to sustain a social dance. Intermediate/Advanced classes are significantly more challenging and require the approval of the instructor for attendance. Weekly classes are always followed by a party, which is open to anyone, and is the perfect time to socialize and practice what you learned or just have fun.

These classes tend to have 20+ people. Partners are not required (we rotate frequently). Feel free to invite a friend, although there will be many people with whom to socialize.

Other Dances

Other dances such as Hustle, Salsa, Night Club Two Step, Jazz, and Tap are occasionally taught as part of our specialty workshop events

Discount Class Cards

Dancers who regular attendees can purchase discount class cards to make their dance journey more economical. If you are only coming for a single class, you can expedite your check in by registering online.

Other Things to Know

You may have many more questions. Some people want to understand what is West Coast Swing and Hustle. See the answers to these and other things you should know

Schedule of our Upcoming Group Classes