Face Masks

Explanations and Guidance

This information is to help you decide what mask to bring to your dance class. Remember, we are using masks to a) keep your fellow dancer safe and b) to keep you safe. 

Our recommendation is to use a mask that you would wear if you were going to a medical institution (like urgent care or your doctor's office). 

Please understand that if you are not wearing the correct type of mask, you will not be able to take class. This is because it will risk other people's health, risk your health, and risk our ability to continue to host classes. 

In February 2021, the CDC issued new guidance on face coverings. This guidance is based on a recent CDC study that highlighted the importance of good fit to optimize protection from the release of and exposure to infected droplets and aerosols.

Help Your Mask Fit More Tightly

Recommended Masks

Cloth Mask

Cloth masks have become very common. They can be store bought or purchased from friends. This is an acceptable mask for dancing.

Surgical Mask

The surgical mask is one of the most widely used face coverings. It's light and an is acceptable for our dance classes. 

N95 Mask

The N95 mask is one of the top rated masks. While most of these should be reserved for medical professionals, it is acceptable for our classes.

Non-Acceptable Masks

These are just some of the masks that will not be acceptable for our dance classes. If you have any doubt about your mask, please make sure you come with one of our recommended versions. 

Neck gaiter mask

Neck Gaiters

While neck gators may look like suitable masks, they are not a suitable mask for our dance classes. 

More information about why neck gaiters are not useful for protecting against COVID-19


Bandanas are not acceptable as a face mask. This is because researchers determined that a bandana was the least effective among the mask options. Please do not use bandanas for our classes. 

More information about why bandanas are not the right protection. 

Masks with Valves

Masks with valves have been shown to defeat the purpose of defending others from COVID-19. Please do not use this for our dance class. 

More information about ineffectiveness of masks with valves.

Face Shields

Face shields are not an acceptable mask. This is because they don't prevent one's exhalation from being contained. Please do not use any form of face shield for our classes. 

More information about why face shields are not the right protection.