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Sunday, March 11, 2018, 01:30pm - 04:00pm


Ready, Set, Swing for Ed Vebell

Westport Historical Society

Workshop and Social Dance
on Sunday, March 11, 2018
at Branson Hall
in Christ and Holy Trinity Church
Westport, CT

Ed Vebell ExhibitThe Westport Historical Society is currently exhibiting "The Curious Case of Ed Vebell." Ed is a 96 year old Westport resident who was sent off to fight in World War II, where he was going to be an aircraft gunner. However once his artistic abilities were discovered, he was reassigned as a field illustrator of Stars and Stripes, the U.S. Army's military newspaper. 

In honor of Ed Vebell's wartime contribution and exciting life, the Westport Historical Society has invited everyone to learn how to dance to the tunes of the times, Swing!

Also see the exhibit at the Westport Historical Society.


1:30pm - East Coast Swing (Complete Beginner)

In this lesson, East Coast Swing will be taught from the very beginning. You'll learn the basic rhythm and steps so you can start dancing right away. 

2:30pm - Swing Dance Party

This dance time will be perfect to practice your new Swing moves and try them with different people. This is an excellent opportunity to get to each other and have a great time. 


Please pre-register because it makes these events possible

$15 for Single Adults
$25 for Couples
$5 for Children (10 and up)


Swing for Ed Vebell (Adult, Couple)

1:30pm - East Coast Swing Lesson
Registration for Couples

Swing for Ed Vebell (Adult, Single)

1:30pm - East Coast Swing Lesson
Registration for Adults

Swing for Ed Vebell (Child)

1:30pm - East Coast Swing Lesson
Registration for Children

Your Instructor:

Erik Novoa - 3 Time US Open West Coast Swing Finalist

Find out more about Erik Novoa



Christ and Holy Trinity Church
75 Church Ln,
Westport, CT

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