From Friday, March 07, 2014
To Sunday, March 09, 2014


Fri-Sun, March 7-9, 2014

Mid Atlantic Dance Jam
(West Coast Swing)

MADjam - Mid Atlantic Dance Jam
Viena, VA

Event web site:


Anna and I regret to inform you that we will not be attending MADjam this year.
This year, MADJam elected to remove all Hustle from their event and focus on West Coast Swing, which meant that we (as a major part of their Hustle staff) would not have workshops to teach.

We have had an excellent relationship with the event director for the last 10 years and we continue to have a great relationship with him. This is purely a business decision on both sides and we hope that you will continue to support MADjam.

However, if you feel that Hustle should be reinstated to MADjam, or that the event should keep us on the roster as West Coast Swing teachers that have inspired you to dance, please feel free to send an email to:

We hope you understand and have a great time at MADjam 2014,
Erik & Anna Novoa

Our Group:
1. Renee Nieto
2. Bobby Nieto
3. Kristen Shaw
4. Oliver Zimmerman
5. Sandrine Menoret
6. Doug Holaday
7. Mary Holaday
8. Andrew Hayden


Sheraton Premiere
8661 Leesburg Pike
Vienna, VA