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Dance Gourmet - West Coast Swing Group in East Hartford, CTDanceGourmet weekends events occur about four times a year and are hosted by Tom Johnson, who is also an incredible chef. Each workshop weekend we bring in a talented dancer to teach some of the secrets of his or her dance. Each instructor has a unique style and personal path to becoming a dancer who can beautifully interpret music.

DanceGourmet events feature worshops in Hustle and West Coast Swing on Saturday and sometimes more on Sunday, with a dinner and dance on Saturday night.

The venue for the DanceGourmet events is within the East Hartford Community Cultural Center - Circle of Life - just a couple of minutes by car from downtown Hartford. The venue has a sizable, smooth wooden dance floor and a sizable seating area for dining or relaxing.

Web site is http://www.dancegourmet.com

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West Coast Swing, Hustle, Salsa, and Night Club Two-Step
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