Terry SantiagoI grew up watching dancers from the sidelines, not having the knowledge or confidence to do much social dancing. In 2008 I started belly dancing, which showed me I could learn to dance and helped me gain confidence; I even did a solo student performance at Jebon in the Village. But I still wanted to enjoy social dancing. So, I convinced my husband, Mike, to try ballroom dancing and we took lessons in many of the smooth and latin dances. A friend showed us West Coast Swing and recommended Erik Novoa for lessons.

In January of 2015, Mike and I walked into Erik’s new Swing Shoes Studio in Norwalk and got on a ride we have not been able to get off of since. We dance for exercise and it’s always a “date night” for us, even though we get to dance with other people. We don’t look to compete, and we have two grandkids that take a lot of our time, so that keeps us from progressing as much as we probably could. However, we take advantage of many of Erik’s workshops, private lessons, and local dance events to enrich our dancing. But the bottom line is we’re having fun! I’ve learned to relax and have confidence when dancing and just enjoy the music and company. The people at Swing Shoes are friendly and caring. Erik is great with combining classes with humor and instruction, and you always walk away learning something. This is an awesome dance and there are so many awesome people to meet; it’s been a wonderful experience so far.