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Bobby Nieto

Bobby-Renee-NietoBobby remembers dancing in front of the TV as a small boy in his homeland of Cuba! He picked up the Hustle back in the 70's when it was THE dance being done in all the nightclubs....now he and his wife, Renee (one of our Student Instructors) enjoy learning new moves and combinations in Erik's Hustle class, and as he says...."you really need to practice to get better!" He is also a beginner West Coast Swing dancer but hopes to eventually improve in that dance too! He enjoys competing and has placed First or Second in all his competitions. Come out and join the fun and ask him to dance!!

Bobby has lived in the area for most of his life and is now an American Citizen. He can be found at any of the local public golf courses on his days off. He is a licensed Massage Therapist and works at the Agora Spa in Stamford.

Beginner J&J Hustle MADJAM 1st Place
Novice J&J Hustle Disco America 1st Place
Strictly Hustle Novice Disco America 2nd Place
Strictly Hustle Inter MADJAM 2nd Place

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